5.3 Configuration

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1.0: Configuring Samba

2.0: Configuring LDAP

3.0: Initialization LDAP Database

4.0: User Management

5.0: Heartbeat HA Configuration

6.0: DRBD


Table of Contents

5.1 Requirements

5.2 Installation

5.3 Configuration

5.3.1 ha.cf

5.3.2 haresources

5.3.3 authkeys

5.4 Testing

Heartbeat running as version 1.2.3 is very easy to configure and manage. The never version 2 is able to support multiple nodes and uses xml type configuration files. If you are using version 2 I recommend running using crm = no option which provides 1.2.3 backwards compatability.

Just remember to always run the same version of heartbeat on both nodes.