5.3.1 ha.cf

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5.0: Heartbeat HA Configuration

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Table of Contents

5.1 Requirements

5.2 Installation

5.3 Configuration

5.3.1 ha.cf

5.3.2 haresources

5.3.3 authkeys

5.4 Testing


On node1 login with root account; the ha.cf file needs to be the same on both nodes.


The option “crm no” in the ha.cf specifies heartbeat version 2 to behave as version 1.2.3; this means it is limited to a 2 node cluster.

If you choose to run version 1.2.3 you will need to comment out or delete the “crm no” in the ha.cf

[root@node1]# cd /etc/ha.d
[root@node1]# vi ha.cf
## /etc/ha.d/ha.cf on node1
## This configuration is to be the same on both machines
## This example is made for version 2, comment out crm if using version 1
keepalive 1
deadtime 5
warntime 3
initdead 20
serial /dev/ttyS0
bcast eth1
auto_failback yes
node node1
node node2
crm no # comment out if using version 1.2.3


Copy the ha.cf to node2 so they both have the same configuration file.

[root@node1]# scp /etc/ha.d/ha.cf root@node2:/etc/ha.d/