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==Current Status==
==Current Status==
'''Current Version: 4.0.0'''
'''Current Version: 4.0.1'''
[ Download]
[ Download]
[ Release Notes]
[ Release Notes]

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Current Status

Current Version: 4.0.1 Download Release Notes

The official press release of Samba 4 can be found on the Samba website.

In short, you can join a Windows (all recent releases should be supported) machine to a Samba Active Directory, and it will behave much as it does in AD, including Kerberos domain logins where applicable. Samba 4 is now at a point where it can begin replacing existing production deployments, and users are encouraged to try out Samba 4 in a test environment before implementing it in a work environment!

Samba as a Active Directory Domain Controller

Here you can find everything to setup a Samba Active Directory Domain Controller and all that is related to this topic.

  • Beyond Samba: Connecting other Services/Daemons to your Samba Active Directory (e. g. authentication, etc.)

Samba as a Domain Member Server

General Documentation on Samba

Developing Samba

  • GitWeb
  • master (current Samba development for future releases)
For more info on available branches, as well how to obtain the sources via a Git client, see the devel page.

Historical Documentation on the Development of Samba4

  • Franky: A Hybrid Samba Active Directory Controller (outdated!)