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Microsoft Documentation

WSPP Documentation

As a result of the EU case, the Samba team gained access to Microsoft's documentation of the protocols it uses. This program is known as WSPP.

In March 2008, this documentation was made public, and is now available at

WINS Documentation

Planning WINS deployments in NT4

WINS White Paper

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 WINS: Architecture and Capacity Planning

Samba Team Documents

Thesis Documents

Andrew Bartlett's thesis on Samba4 and AD .

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher's thesis, covering the internal Samba architecture as it surrounds AD replication in particular.

Other documents

Notes on how Samba4 uses kerberos, and some of it's requirements

Mailing list discussions

An extensive discussion on kerberos and Samba4 looking at how and why Samba4 uses it's own KDC, and why we can't just be 'normal'.

Another discussion on Samba4 kerberos architecture

These are listed so that hopefully, in future the next rounds of such discussions don't have to go over the same ground.

Source code tools

The Samba Build farm tests Samba across a number of platforms, and provides code coverage statistics on our test-suite (now obsolete).