Using the streams xattr VFS Module

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The streams_xattr Virtual File System (VFS) module enables applications to store information in Alternative Data Streams (ADS). Certain applications, such as the Microsoft Edge browser, require ADS to operate correctly. For example, if you use Edge to download a file to a Samba share that has no ADS support enabled, the download will fail.

Samba stores ADS in the user.DosStream.ADS_name extended attribute of a file or directory. Therefore, the file system of the share must support extended attributes. For details, see your operating system's and file system's documentation.

Enabling the streams_xattr Module

You can enable the streams_xattr module either globally in the the [global] section or for individual shares in the share's section. To enable the module:

  • Edit your smb.conf file. Depending on where to enable the module, add the following entry either to the [global] or to the share's section:
vfs objects = streams_xattr
  • Reload the Samba configuration:
# smbcontrol all reload-config

Additional Resources

For additional information, see the vfs_streams_xattr man page.