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The Samba3 net utility currently takes the following parameters:

	struct poptOption long_options[] = {
		{"help",	'h', POPT_ARG_NONE,   0, 'h'},
		{"workgroup",	'w', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_target_workgroup},
		{"user",	'U', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_user_name, 'U'},
		{"ipaddress",	'I', POPT_ARG_STRING, 0,'I'},
		{"port",	'p', POPT_ARG_INT,    &c->opt_port},
		{"myname",	'n', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_requester_name},
		{"server",	'S', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_host},
		{"encrypt",	'e', POPT_ARG_NONE,   NULL, 'e', "Encrypt SMB transport (UNIX extended servers only)" },
		{"container",	'c', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_container},
		{"comment",	'C', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_comment},
		{"maxusers",	'M', POPT_ARG_INT,    &c->opt_maxusers},
		{"flags",	'F', POPT_ARG_INT,    &c->opt_flags},
		{"long",	'l', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_long_list_entries},
		{"reboot",	'r', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_reboot},
		{"force",	'f', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_force},
		{"stdin",	'i', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_stdin},
		{"timeout",	't', POPT_ARG_INT,    &c->opt_timeout},
		{"machine-pass",'P', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_machine_pass},
		{"myworkgroup", 'W', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_workgroup},
		{"verbose",	'v', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_verbose},
		{"test",	'T', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_testmode},
		/* Options for 'net groupmap set' */
		{"local",       'L', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_localgroup},
		{"domain",      'D', POPT_ARG_NONE,   &c->opt_domaingroup},
		{"ntname",      'N', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_newntname},
		{"rid",         'R', POPT_ARG_INT,    &c->opt_rid},
		/* Options for 'net rpc share migrate' */
		{"acls",	0, POPT_ARG_NONE,     &c->opt_acls},
		{"attrs",	0, POPT_ARG_NONE,     &c->opt_attrs},
		{"timestamps",	0, POPT_ARG_NONE,     &c->opt_timestamps},
		{"exclude",	'X', POPT_ARG_STRING, &c->opt_exclude},
		{"destination",	0, POPT_ARG_STRING,   &c->opt_destination},
		{"tallocreport", 0, POPT_ARG_NONE,    &c->do_talloc_report},

		{ 0, 0, 0, 0}

The following options should be added:

--ads  To force ADS transport if possible.
--rpc  To force RPC transport if possible.
--rap  To force RAP transport if possible.