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How to get approval to edit content

In an effort to cut down on SPAM in the wiki, we are instituting a means of approving accounts before a user can edit content. This will still be a fairly low bar to entry but gives a means of preventing spammers from registering new accounts with no oversight.

In order to edit pages, you must first create an account and then send mail to requesting that your account be authorized to edit content. Please make sure to include your account name in the request. That's it.

For those people who have been doing a superb (or event halfway decent job), this is no big deal. We'll look over the contributions log and verify that it's all legit, and email you back as soon as possible. For new accounts, this is still a pretty open trust policy.

This is not an effort to control content or accuracy (everyone here does a good job of that). It is solely an effort to raise the signal to noise by reducing SPAM.

cheers, The Samba Team