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Plans for fortnight ending 19 December 2009

  • Password work completed (Matthias)


  • DRS pair programming with Tridge (Andrew)
    • Working on linked attribute replication with AD
    • Rework duplicate code into utility functions

Plans for fortnight ending 5 December 2009

Achieved so far

  • Alpha release (Andrew)
  • Fixed nasty "primaryGroupToken" crash bug (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 21 November 2009

  • Fix up group membership (Andrew)
    • The PAC should not include builtin groups, but the local token must

Plans for fortnight ending 7 November 2009

  • Fix up Binary+DN format DNs after the Vampire sprint. (Andrew)
    • The code developed at the interop event with Microsoft needs some rough edges filed off...

Achieved so far

  • Finished Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
  • Posted implemention of Binary+DN changes, awaiting review (Andrew)
  • Reviewed patches by mdw for const and passwords (Andrew)
  • Reviewed karminim's prefixmap patches (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 23 October 2009

  • Finish Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
    • Merged many of the pre-requisite patches that are required towards

Plans for fortnight ending 9 October 2009

Achieved so far

  • Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
    • Continued work started at plugfest.
  • Reproduced DRS replication (Andrew)
    • i.e., the things tridge achived at the plugfest.
    • Published generalised versions of tridge's helper scripts
  • Pair-programming with Tridge on merging his DRS work (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 26 September 2009

  • Implement clever nTSecurityDescriptor update (Matthieu)
  • Merge Calin's work into Samba-GTK. (Jelmer)
  • Test and Debianize SWAT. (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Merged outstanding patches. (Jelmer)
  • CIFS plugfest (Andrew)
    • Merged to common code parts required for a lmhosts implementation in Samba4
    • Discussions around LDAP and Kerberos backends for Samba4
    • blog article
  • Kerberos Salting
    • Reworked 'join domain' code to always use the python 'set secrets' code
    • This ensures we then set saltPrincipal, which was previously incorrect
  • Microsoft interop (Andrew)
    • Ran Microsoft's LDAP testsuite against Samba4
    • Added objectClass hierarchy restrictions
    • Added allowed RDN restrictions
    • Started 'dynamic partitions' work
    • Don't allow creation of 'isDefunct' objectClasses
    • Add new module to handle 'lazyCommit' control (ignored for now)
    • Handle NULL RDN
    • Merge 'relax' control to allow us to specify objectGUID in provision, but ban their specification normally
    • Learnt how the online interop environment will be set up
      • Should allow us to run the tests remotely.
    • Assistance where required for the DRS replication challenge tridge was running

Plans for fortnight ending 12 September 2009

  • Demonstrate Samba<->Samba replication over DRS (Andrew, tridge)
  • Finally import LDB index patches
  • More work on the SAMLDB module (Matthias)

Achieved so far

  • Worked with tridge to: (Andrew)
    • Add support for linked attribute replication over DRS
    • Fix LDB to be more robust in handling errors in callback-based modules
    • Fix failures on older python installs for the 'dcerpc' tests
    • Rework LDB and Samba4's modules to correctly handle two-stage commits
  • Investigated LDB index performance and proposed patches to fix it
  • Implement correct behavior with supportedEnc field in GetDomainInfo rpc (Matthieu)
  • Refactor rebuildextendeddn so it can be integrated in main repo (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 29 August 2009

  • Finish basic functions for update script (ie. allow updating at least the schema and adding simple objects) (Matthieu)
  • Push to the central repo (Matthieu)
  • Return full ctr6 structure in dcesrv_drsuapi_DsGetNCChanges (Anatoliy)
  • Start digging in linked attributes (Anatoliy)
  • Test case for "urgent replication" (Kamen)
  • Test case for DsGetNCChanges() (Kamen)

Achieved so far

  • Explanation of Zahari's ACL problem (Andrew)
  • Add and improve ldb python wrappers to assist test and conversion script development (Andrew)
  • Fix 'show_deleted' module not to linearise the search filter (should improve performance) (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 15 August 2009

  • Really start working on a tool for provision update (mainly due to schema update) (Matthieu)
  • Investigate and fix issues with Windows 2008 and Samba4 (as a Windows 2008 level DC) (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Review of Matthias's 'Computer information in AD' patch (Andrew)
    • Matthias was finally able to merge his patch!
  • More questions to Microsoft (AES key use) (Andrew)
  • Create a script ( to (re)build extended, usefull for upgrading a long time running setup (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 1 August 2009

  • Continue investigation on bug 6273 (unable to access windows 2008 share from XP/Samba4) (Matthieu)
  • Start working on a tool for provision update (mainly due to schema update) (Matthieu)
  • Display specifiers (Andrew, Matthias)
  • Prepare for an alpha with vampire capability (Andrew)
  • Add flag to ldb to force canonical form (Andrew)
  • Investigate file server bugs (Andrew)
  • Investigate domain trusts again (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Computer informations in AD (Matthias)
  • Nested groups (Matthias)
  • Forwarded question to Microsoft for their comment in Windows 2008 access issue (Andrew)
  • Review of Matthias's 'Computer information in AD' patch (Andrew)
  • Fixed Zahari's segfault in his python wrapper for libnet_ChangePassword (Andrew)
  • Implemented 'net export keytab' to extract a keytab from a Samba4 DC (Andrew)
  • Fixed a number of trivial failures in Samba4's 'make test' (Andrew)
    • This should make real bugs easier to see
  • Fix provision on FreeBSD (Andrew)
  • Find core problem for bug 6273, proposed a patch (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 18 July 2009

  • Prepare for an alpha with vampire capability (Andrew)
  • Add flag to ldb to force canonical form (Andrew)
    • This is things such as making large 32 bit integers negative, sids always to binary etc
  • Research possibilities how to use Kerberos from within Python code (Zahari)
  • Catch up with Andrew Tridgell on replication (Anatoliy, Kamen)
  • Communicate with Microsoft to establish the correct nTSecurityDescriptors for the partitions in a clean installation, how is the defaultSecurityDescriptor used, how the default DACL of a security token is created, and the function of the extended rights (Nadya)
  • Finish debugging the descriptor inheritance (Nadya)
  • Define tests for descriptor inheritance to be added to unit tests (Nadya)
  • Improve Netlogon dissector in order to drill down on bugs 6272 and 6273 (Matthieu)
  • Investigate the problems with Windows 2008 as a SMB client for Windows XP bug 6272 (Matthieu)

Achieved so far

  • Found the problem for bug 6272, issued a patch that should be integrated by Heimdal (Matthieu)
  • Netlogon dissector of wireshark is now able to decrypt schannel encrypted dialogs, patch sent to samba-technical for comments (Matthieu)
  • Found and fixed python and ldb/talloc issues shown up by nTsecurityDescriptor test by Zahari (Andrew)
  • Fixed Windows7 Join against Samba4 (Andrew)
    • It was failing for the 'add' case.
  • Finalize schemaUpdateNow patch and test(Anatoliy)
    • It does not break possibleInferiors test and the schema update is ok now
    • We should focus on schema consistency checker at some point
  • Make Samba4 report Windows 2008 functional level by default (Andrew)
  • Update to current Heimdal again (as patches have been accepted) (Andrew)
  • Sort out issues with various tests (schemaUpdateNow etc) and get outstanding patches applied (Andrew)
  • Working with community to finally integrate the MS-SNTP signing of NTP replies (Andrew)
  • Discussions with Microsoft to get 'Display specifiers' released under an acceptable licence (Andrew)
    • This should allow an import into Samba4

Plans for fortnight ending 4 July 2009

  • Sort out nTsecurityDescriptor problems from Zahari (Andrew)
  • Work with summer of code students (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Worked with tridge to show DRS replication from windows works again (Andrew)
  • Applied patch queue from Matthias (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 20 June 2009

  • Improve automated setup of OpenLDAP backend (Andrew)
  • Finish subunit separation (Jelmer)
  • Maybe WMI..

Achieved so far

  • Samba4 alpha (Andrew)
  • Heimdal merge (Andrew)
  • Fixing Python rpcecho test and Python ldb test
  • Work with Don Davis on Samba4's Kerberos lib requirements (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 6 June 2009

  • rpcecho.python test (Jelmer)
  • Attempt Heimdal merge (Andrew)
  • More work on Kerberos requirements (Andrew)

Achived so far

  • Documentation of Kerberos requirements (in particular requiremnts that a MIT Kerberos swich would require) (Andrew with Don Davis)
  • Fix SAMR tests (Andrew)
  • Fix build with older libnet on Fedora 10
  • LDB performance issues with many users (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Unique indexes in LDB (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Fixed one-level indexes in LDB (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Worked with Howard Chu to chase down nasty crash bugs in OpenLDAP under Samba4's 'make test'

Plans for fortnight ending 23 May 2009

  • Rework Samba4 DC to support only one realm at a time (Andrew)
    • This is not related to trusted domains, but to how we look at our database
  • Fix krbtgt expiry causing kpasswd account to be disabled (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • 'make test' failures with OpenLDAP backend (Andrew)
    • Reproduced on current code
    • Fedora 11 VM prepared and supplied to Howard Chu for further investigation
  • str_list code (Andrew)
    • str_list_make_v3 added to Samba3 while I was away
    • Investigate why this 'v3' version is required
    • Add unit tests for all aspects of 'common' str_list behaviour
    • Attempt (but not committed) to re-merge all the str_list code

Plans for fortnight ending 9 May 2009

Achieved so far

  • Documentation build system improvements (Jelmer)
    • Changed the docs build system to use dblatex rather than db2latex
    • Remove cruft from docs

Plans for fortnight ending 25 April 2009

  • SambaXP conference
    • Samba4 status report presentation
    • Samba4 and Microsoft presentation

Achieved so far

  • libcli/auth merge (without ldb and Samba3 server-side components) (Andrew)
  • Fix RPC python tests (Andrew, Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 11 April 2009

Achieved so far

  • Use Full WSPP Microsoft schema in Samba4 (Andrew and Tridge)
    • Required a lot of work to make ldb more efficient with a full set of schema
    • Create and test possibleInferiors attribute for AD schema
    • Integrate work by Sreepathi Pai to convert the WSPP schema into LDIF for the provision
  • Prepare merge of charcnv code
    • Required cutting down patch from all code to just sharing a common API

Plans for fortnight ending 28 March 2009

  • Improve the implementation of netr_DsRGetDCNameEx2 (Andrew)
  • Include full AD schema when permitted by Microsoft to do so (Andrew)
  • libcli/auth merge between Samba3 and Samba4 (Andrew)
  • charcvn merge between Samba3 and Samba4 (Andrew)
  • libregistry merge (Jelmer)
  • Samba3 DCE/RPC async (Jelmer)
  • WMI (Jelmer)
  • Fix kpasswd when the krbtgt account has expired (Andrew)

Achived so far

  • Pair programming of restoring minschema to operation
  • Implementation (with Tridge) of UID handling for recursion to a new event context in the VFS layer (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 14 March 2009

  • Improve the implementation of netr_DsRGetDCNameEx2 (Andrew)
  • Include full AD schema when permitted by Microsoft to do so (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Proposal for fixes for the 'wrong UID' problem with recursion to a new event context in the VFS layer
  • Improve performance of Samba will a full schema (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 27 February

Achieved so far

  • Release of alpha7 (Andrew)
  • Work on the trusted domains and IPA proposal (Andrew)
  • Remove dependency of GENSEC on the Samba4 auth subsystem (Andrew)
  • Travel plans for SambaXP (Andrew)
  • Work with Microsoft on importing the full AD schema

Plans for fortnight ending 13 February 2009

  • Prepare alpha7
  • Prepare proposal for linking IPA with AD via Samba4 (Andrew)
  • Windows7 join to Samba4
    • Work to add the AES schannel type
    • Fix Samba4 to accept Windows 7 joins

Achieved so far

Plans for fortnight ending 24 January 2009

  • More work reintegrating WMI (Jelmer)
  • Finish full epmapper implementation (Jelmer)
  • Fix random failures of samba4.ldb.python tests (Jelmer)
  • Use subunit in submissions to the buildfarm (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Alpha 6 ! (Andrew, Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 10 January 2009