Deferred open

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smbd has the interface of deferring SMB open operation - in the case when there is some problem of file opening (like shared violation, delaying for oplocks, etc).

Deferred open information consists of two parts:

  • local (internal smbd's) deferred queue (see smbd/process.c/deferred_queue)
  • the shared information in locking.tdb. It is a set of deferred open entries bound to each file - no more than one for every process and file pair.

Deferred open is initiated in smbd/open.c/defer_open (see open_file_ntcreate) that is called when open operation is delayed for a opportunistic lock or when a share violation occurs. So open SMB message is stored in deferred queue and will be processed when timeout will have come (see smbd/process.c/receive_message_or_smb).

Shared deferred open entry is removed when deferred open is activated (open message processed again) and when open call finishes successfully.

If file is closed, the process should walk through all shared deferred open entries (of this file) and notify openers (send OPEN_RETRY message to them) to retry the open operation.