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Regression test ("xfstests suite") results to ksmbd. 6.0-rc3
Test number Test result Comments
cifs/001 pass 0s Server side copy (copychunk)
generic/001 pass 10s Random file copies and unlink
generic/002 pass 1s Inode link count
generic/003 skip Tests noatime and nodiratime mount options (not supported on network fs)
generic/004 skip Need O_TMPFILE support
generic/005 pass (fail) 1s symlinks and ELOOP
generic/006 pass 42s permname
generic/007 pass 7s Create/unlink/stat
generic/008 pass 5s fallocate zero range
generic/009 fail fallocate zero range
generic/010 pass 1s dbtest
generic/011 pass (fail) 28s dirstress
generic/012 fail collapse range tests
generic/013 pass 11s fsstress
generic/014 pass 65s truncfile
generic/015, 019, 027, 034, 039, 040, 041, 042, 050, 056, 057, 059, 065, 066, 067, 073, 076, 081, 083, 090, 096 skip (local block based fs only)
generic/016 skip delayed allocation collapse range
generic/017 skip multiple collapse range calls on the same file
generic/018 skip (defragmentation not supported)
generic/020 pass 2s extended attributes
generic/021 skip collapse range
generic/022 skip delayed allocation collapse range
generic/023 pass 1s renameat2 without flags
generic/024 pass 2s renameat2 with RENAME_NOREPLACE
generic/025 078 skip (renameat2: RENAME_EXCHANGE and RENAME_WHITEOUT support needed)
generic/026, 054, 077, 099 skip (POSIX ACLs)
generic/028 pass 5s dentry pathname rforce buildename lock
generic/029 pass 0s mapped writes vs. truncate (data corruption checks)
generic/030 pass 1s mapped writes vs remap/truncate (data corruption checks)
generic/031 skip (fallocate) non-aligned writes against fcollapse
generic/032 pass 8s inode lock contention during writeback
generic/033 pass 0s deferred allocation of dealloc extents
generic/035 fail (rename overwrite)
generic/036 pass 10s aio write race with O_DIRECT
generic/037 pass 3s check that xattr replacement is atomic
generic/038 skip (FITRIM support)
generic/043 pass 25s test for NULL files
generic/044 pass 42s test for NULL files
generic/045 pass 45s test for NULL files
generic/046 pass 39s test for NULL files
generic/048 pass 19s test for NULL files (inode size after sync)
generic/049 pass 12s test for NULL files (inode size after sync)
generic/051 fail (hang) log recovery stress test
generic/052, 054, 055 skip (log state probing)
generic/058 fail?
generic/060 skip (finsert)
generic/061 pass 1s
generic/062 skip mknod/mkfifo
generic/063 fail
generic/064 fail
generic/068 skip (freezing)
generic/069 pass 4s
generic/070 pass 11s
generic/071 pass 0s
generic/072 pass
generic/074 pass 23s
generic/075 fail
generic/079 skip (chattr +ia)
generic/080 pass 3s
generic/082 skip (quotas)
generic/084 pass 5s
generic/086 pass 2s
generic/087 088, 089 ? permissions ... (try with modefromsid?)
generic/091 pass 85s
generic/095 pass 4s
generic/097 skip (trusted namespace support)
generic/098 pass 0s
generic/100 pass 25s
generic/103 pass 2s
generic/109 pass 46s
generic/113 pass 3s
generic/115 pass 0s
generic/116 pass 1s
generic/117 pass 7s
generic/121 pass 0s
generic/124 pass 5s
generic/125 skip/fail needs chmod (modefromsid? cifsacl?)
generic/129 pass 64s
generic/130 pass 13s