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Regression test ("xfstests suite") results to ksmbd
Test number Test result Comments
cifs/001 pass 0s Server side copy (copychunk)
generic/001 pass 10s Random file copies and unlink
generic/002 pass 1s Inode link count
generic/003 skip Tests noatime and nodiratime mount options (not supported on network fs)
generic/004 skip Need O_TMPFILE support
generic/005 pass 1s symlinks and ELOOP
generic/006 pass 42s permname
generic/007 pass 7s Create/unlink/stat
generic/008 pass ?
generic/009 fail?
generic/010 pass 1s
generic/011 pass 28s
generic/012 fail?
generic/013 pass 11s
generic/014 pass 65s
generic/015 skip (local block based fs only)
generic/016 fail?
generic/020 pass 2s