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Writing shell tests

Avoid writing new shell-based tests

New tests should be written in Python

Avoid bashisms

On many systems (Debian and Ubuntu in particular)


is actually *dash* not *bash*. Therefore avoid bash specific syntax.

Use helper functions

If your test is in testprogs/blackbox you can use:

. `dirname $0`/subunit.sh
. `dirname $0`/common_test_fns.inc

otherwise you will need to use a ../ path to find these.


testit is the primary test command, testing one particular command for success.

testit "change dc password" $samba4srcdir/scripting/devel/chgtdcpass -s $PROVDIR/etc/smb.conf || failed=`expr $failed + 1`

exit code

The script should exit with the number of failures

exit $failed