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* [[Introduction]]
* [[General Information]]
* [[Installation|Installation]]
** [[Samba_Release_Planning|Release planning]]
** [[Samba_Features_added/changed_(by_release)|Features added/changed (by release)]]
** [[Obtaining Samba]]
** [[Installing Samba]]
*** [[Build_Samba|From Source]]
*** [[Distribution specific installations]]
*** [[Updating Samba]]
* [[The different server roles]]
** [[Difference between a DC and PDC/BDC]]
** [[Samba as an Active Directory Domain Controller]]
*** [[Samba_AD_DC_HOWTO|Setup a Samba DC]]
**** [[Domain Name best practice]]
*** [[Samba4/HOWTO/Join_a_domain_as_a_DC|Join Samba as an DC to a existing Domain]]
*** [[Samba4/samba-tool/domain/classicupgrade/HOWTO|Migrating a Samba NT4-style PDC to a Samba AD DC]]
*** [[Samba as a DC for FreeIPA domain]]
*** [[Samba AD DNS backend]]
**** [[Why DNS is essential for a working AD]]
**** [[DNS|General information on the internal DNS and BIND DLZ module]]
**** [[Dns-backend_bind|Setup BIND as backend for Samba AD]]
**** [[DNS administration]]
*** [[Replication]]
**** [[SysVol Replication]]
**** [[DRS]]
**** [[DFS]]
*** [[Backup_and_Recovery|Backup a Samba DC]]
*** [[Flexible Single-Master Operations (FSMO) roles]]
** [[Samba as a NT4-style Primary Domain Controller]]
*** [[Setup Samba as a PDC]]
*** [[Registry_changes_for_NT4-style_domains|Registry changes for Windows clients in a Samba NT4-style domain]]
** [[Samba as Domain Member Server]]
*** [[Samba/Domain_Member|Setup a Member Server in an AD]]
*** [[Setup a Member Server in a NT4 Domain]]
*** [[Backup a Member Server]]
** [[Samba as a Standalone Server]]
*** [[Setup a Samba Standalone Server]]
*** [[Backup a Standalone Server]]
** [[Clustered Samba]]
*** [[Understanding Samba Clustering]]
*** [[CTDB_Project|The CTDB Project]]
*** [[CTDB_Setup|CTDB Setup Information]]
*** [[Samba_CTDB_GPFS_Cluster_HowTo|CTDB GPFS]]
* [[Common administration Tasks in a Samba AD]]
** [[Configuring DNS on client computers]]
*** [[DNS_Administration*Configuring_clients_to_use_your_AD_DNS_server|Windows]]
*** [[Linux]]
*** [[Mac OS X]]
*** [[Other Unix]]
** [[Joining client machines to the domain]]
*** [[Configuring_a_windows_client_for_AD|Windows]]
*** [[Linux]]
*** [[Mac OS X]]
*** [[Other Unix]]
*** [[Setup_FreeDOS_to_access_a_Samba_share|FreeDos]]
** [[User and Groupmanagement]]
*** [[Using Windows RSAT]]
*** [[Using samba-tool]]
** [[Restoring_deleted_AD_objects|Restoring deleted AD objects]]
** [[Raising the function levels]]
** [[Change IP address of the DC]]
** [[Samba4/Schema_extenstions|AD schema extensions]]
** [[Setup_LDAPS_on_a_DC|Configuring LDAP over SSL on a DC]]
** [[Samba_AD_DC_HOWTO/AD_Delegation|Delegating administrative jobs to non-admin-accounts]]
** [[Authenticating_other_services_against_AD]]
** [[Samba4/Smart_Card_Login|Samba Smart Card Login]]
** [[Samba4/HOWTO/Virtual_Private_Network|Single Sign-On VPN]]
* [[Common administration tasks on Samba servers]]
** [[Setup_and_configure_file_shares|Basic share configuration]]
*** [[Setup_and_configure_file_shares*Change_permissions_on_folders_of_a_share|Configuring ACLs on files and folders]]
**** [[Understanding the difference between POSIX and Windows file ACL permissions.]]
**** [[Using Posix file permissions vs. using FS acl extensions.]]
**** [[Using user_xattr file attributes with vfs modules for native windows ACL behavior.]]
*** [[Setup_and_configure_file_shares*Setup_share_permissions|Configuring ACLs on shares]]
** [[Setting_up_a_home_share|Setup user homes]]
** [[Samba_%26_Windows_Profiles|Configuring roaming profiles]]
** [[Samba as a Print Server]]
*** [[Samba_as_a_print_server|Setting up a Samba Print Server]]
***** [[Samba_as_a_print_server*CUPS|Using Samba with CUPS backend]]
***** [[Using CUPS driver on server side, and Postscript driver (Universal PS driver) on client side]]
***** [[Using CUPS in passthrough mode, where the RIP image is generated on client side (will work if the printer does not have a linux driver)]]
*** [[Samba_as_a_print_server*Uploading_printer_drivers_for_Point.27n.27Print_driver_installation|Configuring Point'n'Click Automatic Printer Driver Deployment]]
*** [[Virtual_PDF_Printer|Setup a virtual PDF Printer]]
** [[Local_user_management_and_authentication|Making Domain users available locally on the server]]
*** [[Samba4/Winbind|Winbind & pam_winbind]]
**** [[TDB backend]]
**** [[TDB2 backend]]
**** [[RID backend]]
**** [[RFC2307 backend (pulling user/group information from AD)]]
**** [[pam_winbind]]
*** [[Local_user_management_and_authentication/nslcd|nslcd & pam_ldap]]
*** [[Local_user_management_and_authentication/sssd|sssd & pam_sss]]
* [[VFS|Enhancing Samba with VFS modules]]
* [[Server-Side_Copy|Improve performance with server-side copy]]
* [[General information]]
** [[Samba port usage]]
** [[Understanding oplocks]]
** [[Tuning performance]]
** [[Reloading server configuration]]
* [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]
* [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]
* [[Background information]]
* [[Samba Release Planning]]
* [[Samba_Features_added/changed_(by_release)|Samba Release Notes]]
** [[Samba Database files]]
* [[Known Issues]]
* [[Obtaining Samba]]
** [[incompatibility with realmd]]
* [[Installing Samba]]
:* [[Operating System Requirements]]
* [[Troubleshooting]]
::* [[Package Dependencies Required to Build Samba]]
** [[Getting help]]
::* [[File System Support]]
* [[Contribute|Contributing]]
** [[Bug_Reporting|Bug reporting]]
:* [[Build Samba from Source]]
:* [[Distribution-specific Package Installation]]
** [[Samba documentation team]]
* [[List of abbreviations]]
* [[Updating Samba]]

* [[Domain Control]]
:* [[Active Directory Domain Controller]]
::* [[Active Directory Naming FAQ]]
::* [[Setting up Samba as an Active Directory Domain Controller]]
::* [[Joining a Samba DC to an Existing Active Directory]]
::* [[Joining a Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 DC to a Samba AD]]
::* [[Joining a Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 DC to a Samba AD]]
::* [[Migrating a Samba NT4 Domain to Samba AD (Classic Upgrade)]]
::* [[Demoting a Samba AD DC]]
::* [[The Samba AD DNS Back Ends]]
:::* [[Samba Internal DNS Back End]]
:::* [[BIND9_DLZ DNS Back End]]
::::* [[Setting up a BIND DNS Server]]
::::* [[Configure DHCP to update DNS records]]
:::* [[Testing Dynamic DNS Updates]]
::* [[Managing the Samba AD DC Service]]
::* [[Configuring Winbindd on a Samba AD DC]]
::* [[Time Synchronisation]]
::* [[Verifying the Directory Replication Statuses]]
::* [[Manually Replicating Directory Partitions]]
::* [[Running a Samba AD DC with MIT Kerberos KDC]]
::* [[Migrating the ntvfs File Server Back End to s3fs]]
::* [[Samba AD DC Port Usage]]
::* [[Samba AD DC Troubleshooting]]
::* [[Password Settings Objects]]
::* [[Running Samba AD Domain Controllers in large domains]]
::* [[Using the lmdb database backend]]

:* [[NT4 Domains]]
::* [[Setting up Samba as an NT4 PDC (Quick Start)]]
:::* [[Samba NT4 PDC Port Usage]]
::* [[Setting up Samba as an NT4 BDC]]
::* [[Required Settings for Samba NT4 Domains]]

* [[Domain Membership]]
:* [[Joining a Windows Client or Server to a Domain]]
::* [[Windows DNS Configuration]]
:* [[Joining a Linux or Unix Host to a Domain]]
::* [[Linux and Unix DNS Configuration]]
::* [[Setting up Samba as a Domain Member]]
:::* [[Identity Mapping Back Ends]]
::::* [[idmap config ad]] (RFC2307)
::::* [[idmap config rid]]
::::* [[idmap config autorid]]
::::* [[Local accounts]]
:::* [[Authenticating Domain Users Using PAM]]
:::* [[PAM Offline Authentication]]
::* [[Samba Domain Member Port Usage]]
:* [[Joining a macOS Client to a Domain]]
::* [[macOS DNS Configuration]]
:* [[Configuring FreeDOS to Access a Samba Share]]
:* [[Troubleshooting Samba Domain Members]]

* [[Setting_up_Samba_as_a_Standalone_Server|Standalone Server]]
:* [[Setting up Samba as a Standalone Server]]

* [[CTDB and Clustered Samba]]

* [[Advanced Configuration]]
:* [[Configuring Logging on a Samba Server]]
::* [[Setting up Audit Logging]]
:* [[DNS Administration]]
::* [[Changing the DNS Back End of a Samba AD DC]]
::* [[DNS administration]]
::* [[DNS troubleshooting]]
:::* [[Dns_tkey_negotiategss: TKEY is unacceptable]]
:::* [[Deleted AD zone]]
:* [[Setting up RFC2307 in AD]]
:* [[Print Server Support]]
::* [[Setting up Samba as a Print Server]]
::* [[Setting up Automatic Printer Driver Downloads for Windows Clients]]
::* [[Creating Custom Paper Sizes]]
::* [[Setting up Network Printer Ports]]
::* [[Virtual PDF Printer]]
::* [[Virtual PDF Printer with CUPS Back End for Windows Clients without roaming user profile]]
::* [[Connect printer with session logon script for non admins users]]
:* [[Active Directory Sites]]
:* [[Samba AD Schema]]
::* [[AD Schema Version Support]]
::* [[Samba AD schema extensions]]
:* [[Virtual File System Modules]]
:* [[Generating Keytabs]]

* [[Replication]]
:* [[Distributed File System (DFS)]]
::* [[SysVol replication (DFS-R)]]
:::* [[Rsync based SysVol replication workaround]] (Samba DCs only)
:::* [[Bidirectional Rsync/Unison based SysVol replication workaround]] (Samba DCs only)
:::* [[Bidirectional Rsync/osync based SysVol replication workaround]] (Samba DCs only)
:::* [[Robocopy based SysVol replication workaround]] (Samba DCs -> Windows DCs)
:* [[Directory Replication Service (DRS)]]

* [[Common Administration Tasks]]
:* [[The Windows remote server administration tools (RSAT)]]
::* [[Installing RSAT]]
:* [[Remote and local management of Samba]]
::* [[User and group management]]
:::* [[Maintaining Unix Attributes in AD using ADUC]]
:::* [[Administer Unix Attributes in AD using samba-tool and ldb-tools]]
:* [[Backup and restore]]
::* [[Back up and Restoring a Samba AD DC]]
::* [[Back up and Restoring a Samba Domain Member]]
:* [[Samba File Serving]]
::* [[Setting up a Share Using Windows ACLs]]
::* [[Setting up a Share Using POSIX ACLs]]
::* [[Special file shares]]
:::* [[User Home Folders]]
:::* [[Roaming Windows User Profiles]]
::::* [[Configuring Windows Profile Folder Redirections]]
:::* [[Setting up a Share Without Authentication]]
:* [[Flexible Single-Master Operations (FSMO) Roles]]
::* [[Transferring and Seizing FSMO Roles]]
:* [[The AD functional levels]]
::* [[Raising the Functional Levels]]
:* [[Changing the IP Address of a Samba AD DC]]
:* [[Configuring LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) on a Samba AD DC]]
:* [[Delegating administrative permissions to non-administrators]]
::* [[Delegation/Joining_Machines_to_a_Domain|Joining Machines to a Domain]]
::* [[Delegation/Account_management|Account management]]
:* [[Administer workstations]]
::* [[Managing local groups on domain members via GPO restricted groups]]
:* [[Working with Active Directory encoded LDAP values]]
:* [[Performance Tuning]]
:* [[Configure Samba to Bind to Specific Interfaces]]
:* [[Server-Side_Copy|Improving performance with server-side copy]]
:* [[Samba AD Smart Card Login]]
:* [[Samba AD Smart Card Login for macOS clients]]
:* [[VPN Single SignOn with Samba AD]]
:* [[Authenticating other services against Samba AD]]
::* [[Authenticating Apache against Active Directory]]
::* [[OpenSSH Single sign-on]]
::* [[Authenticating Dovecot against Active Directory]]
:* [[openLDAP as proxy to AD]]
:* [[Client specific logging]]
:* [[Configure Samba to Work Better with Mac OS X]]
:* [[Interpreting JSON Audit Logs]]

* Security
:* [[Samba_Security_Documentation|Samba Security Documentation]]

* [[Terms and Abbreviations]]

* [[Getting Help]]
:* [ Samba Mailing List]
:* [ Commercial Support]

* [[Contribute]]
:* [[Bug Reporting]]
:* [[How To Write Samba Documentation]]

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