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Sandpit page to demonstrate mediawiki transclusion. For more details, see [1]

Transclude whole page

The below example uses {{:License}} to include the entire License page.

Note the ':' is important, otherwise it defaults to using the Template namespace. You could alternatively make it explicit that the page you want to transclude is in the Main namespace, i.e. {{Main:License}} does the same thing.

Transcluded content

Content is available under the Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0

Transclude part of page

The below example uses the same transclusion (of a different page - {{User:Timbeale/transclusion}}) to include just part of the User:Timbeale/transclusion page.

Transcluded content

Here! This paragraph is wrapped in <onlyinclude> markers. It is both visible on the original page it appears on, and any other page that transcludes the original.