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Please note that the following sections assume at least an intermediate understanding of the Gentoo packaging system.


Gentoo uses python-3 as the default python interpreter, but at this time Samba requires python-2 (2.4.2 or greater) The following set of commands will install and set up python-2 as the default python interpreter.

# emerge --ask '<dev-lang/python-3'
# eselect python list # Note the index number of the python-2 installation
# eselect python set <# of python 2 from previous command>
# python-updater


On Gentoo, you have two choices for a kerberos implementation, app-crypt/mit-krb5 and app-crypt/heimdal. Unfortunately the two implementations can not be installed at the same time. Currently, the Samba developers recommend using heimdal. So we must first uninstall mit-krb5 (if installed,) install heimdal and rebuild any packages that were using the old kerberos implementation.

# emerge --unmerge --ask app-crypt/mit-krb5
# emerge --ask app-crypt/heimdal
# revdep-rebuild -- -ask


To enable automatic zone management with bind, bind (and bind-tools) should be emerged with the USE flags for berkdb, dlz and gssapi set. To enable them permanently, add the following to /etc/package.use

net-dns/bind berkdb dlz gssapi
net-dns/bind-tools gssapi

Then, emerge bind:

# emerge --ask  net-dns/bind net-dns/bind-tools

Note that if you have problems with samba's gssapi updates to bind, try using the alternate kerberos implementation of app-crypt/mit-krb5.

Other Misc. Build/Run Dependencies

To ensure a successful Samba-4 installation, there are a few other packages that should be installed, as shown below:

# emerge --ask dev-libs/cyrus-sasl net-libs/gnutls dev-python/dnspython net-dns/libidn dev-python/subunit

Samba-supplied Libraries (tdb/ldb/tevent)

  1. emerge --ask '=sys-libs/tdb-1.2.10' '=sys-libs/tevent-0.9.17' '=sys-libs/ldb-1.1.12'
  1. USE="dlz python gssapi" emerge cyrus-sasl heimdal bind bind-tools gnutls dnspython gdb libidn subunit
  2. ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64" USE="python" emerge --ask '=sys-libs/tdb-1.2.10' '=sys-libs/tevent-0.9.17' '=sys-libs/ldb-1.1.12'