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Hello this is my page ! I'm Matthieu Patou, you can reach me on #samba-technical with the nick ekacnet.

I'm now a Samba team member (yeah !) since May 2010.

I try to keep the fantasy page up to date with what I'll try to do in the short term.

What I've done / For what you can blame me !

  • Upgradeprovsion, a script to update your running provision to adapt to the perpetual changes we do in the Samba Domain controller code (aka Samba4 so far).
  • DFS referral resolution, so that multi DC setup can work correctly with newer client when accessing sysvol and netlogon share
  • Protected storage, a protocol to decrypt selected user secrets with DCs private key, used mainly for certificates
  • Dirsync, an LDAP control used for polling changes
  • Pseudobacklinks, a technical artifact so that all attributes with DN syntax are updated when the targeted DN change its name, allow moving DC between sites

Short term jobs

  • None

Medium term jobs

  • File Replication Service
  • Change indexing

About indexing

For the moment LDB use DN as entries of a index, as DN ltdb_index_filter