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Hello this is my page ! I'm Matthieu Patou, you can reach me on #samba-technical with the nick ekcanet.

I'am not a core developper for Samba, I'm just contributing stuff (patchs, dissectors for wireshark and small programs).

I try to keep the fantasy page up to date with what I'll try to do in the short term.

Short term jobs

  • Fixing bug with Windows 2008 SMB share not accessible from XP and Samba4 when a windows 2008 server is a member of Samba4 domain.
  • Working on provision upgrade to allow upgrade of a current running installation with new provision stuff (ie. schema extension, new attributes ...).

Other stuff

  • Finish a setntacl tool that allow the setting ACL on files served by a Samba (3 or 4) without having it running (usefull during provision and during script that would not prompt for administrator creds).
  • Develop a tool for putting back into Samba GPO parameters, GPO are defined into files through the help of GPO console, much of this parameters are for clients but some are for the server. So the server has to be aware of them, until now the solutions is to run scripts when you change DC parameters in GPO (you have to think of it) or edit ldb files if scripts are not existing.