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[[Autobuild]] is the top *Pure Samba* layer in the selftest system.
[[Autobuild]] is the top ''Pure Samba'' layer in the selftest system.
=Public CI using GitLab CI=
=Public CI using GitLab CI=

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Presentation Introduction and overview

Andrew Bartlett's Two years with Samba's autobuild presentation at Linux.conf.au 2012 is a good place to start understanding our automated test and CI infrastructure. Youtube.

Also see Andreas Schneider's SambaXP 2015 presentation Audio


Autobuild is the top Pure Samba layer in the selftest system.

Public CI using GitLab CI

There's now also a Samba CI instance on gitlab, available for Samba team members and outside contributors: Samba CI on gitlab. This is the next layer up, controlled by the .gitlab-ci.yml file in the repository, this runs Autobuild.

make test

The next layer is make test which invokes selftest.pl and filters the results via subunit.


Samba's selftest system is based on Subunit output streams, to describe tests that pass, fail and are flapping.