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| type = warning
| text = type=<u>warning</u><br />Use this admonition to alert the reader that the current setup will change or be altered, such as files being removed, and not to perform the operation unless fully aware of the consequences.

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This is the {{Imbox}} ([I]mage [m]essage [box]) metatemplate.

Use it to highlight information.

  • Keep the statements as brief and to the point as possible.
  • Use admonitions sparingly so that they do not lose their effectiveness.



| type = style
| text = The message body text.

Image Message Box Types

The following examples use different type parameters:


| type  = note / important / warning / cleanup / protected
| style = CSS value
| textstyle = CSS value
| text  = The message body text.


If no type parameter is given the template defaults to type notice. That means it gets a blue border.


An optional cascading style sheets (CSS) value used by the entire message box table. Without quotation marks " ". For example:
style = margin-bottom: 0.5em;


An optional CSS value used by the text cell. For example:
textstyle = text-align: center;


The message body text.