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This is the {{Imbox}} ([I]mage [m]essage [box]) metatemplate.

Use it to highlight information.

  • Keep the statements as brief and to the point as possible.
  • Use admonitions sparingly so that they do not lose their effectiveness.



| type = style
| text = The message body text.

Image Message Box Types

The following examples use different type parameters:


| type  = note / important / warning / cleanup / protected
| style = CSS value
| textstyle = CSS value
| text  = The message body text.


If no type parameter is given the template defaults to type notice. That means it gets a blue border.


An optional cascading style sheets (CSS) value used by the entire message box table. Without quotation marks " ". For example:
style = margin-bottom: 0.5em;


An optional CSS value used by the text cell. For example:
textstyle = text-align: center;


The message body text.