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SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print
SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers
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SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet -> SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001
SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet -> SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001
SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001\\Control\\Print\\Printers -> SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print
SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001\\Control\\Print\\Printers -> SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers

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Spoolss / printing TODO list

  • torture and win32 tests to validate winreg and spoolss PrinterData consistency
  • torture and win32 tests for XcvData
  • torture and win32 tests for truncated devicemodes
  • torture and win32 tests for printer ports
  • torture and win32 tests for ChangeNotify
  • torture and win32 tests for PRINTER_INFO_STRESS (level 0)
  • torture and win32 tests for alignement in particular of EnumPrinterDataEx
  • fix subkey implementation when subkeys are created via PrinterData functions
  • check for / and \ in key and valuenames
  • fix marshalling of spoolss_PrinterDriverInfo101

Detach registry from spoolss implementation

In order to better separate and detach the printing code (spoolss server) and eventually to be able to move out spoolss out of smbd entirely into a separate process, we need to remove various dependencies, including:

  • winreg server dynamically loads ntprinters.tdb in order to expose spoolss PrinterData registry content
  • RAP server directly accesses printing and spoolss functions in order to do LANMAN printing

The plan is to talk to a (local) winreg server in order to access the printing data backend via standardized winreg client API.

Global HKLM hive

First we need to have a global hive opened for the spoolss server:

  • use rpc_pipe_open_internal() to access winreg server from within spoolss server
  • use rpccli_winreg_OpenHKLM() to open HKLM hive and preserve policy handle globally

Spoolss server calls

Then for each spoolss server call, notably:

  • SetPrinterData{Ex}
  • GetPrinterData{Ex}
  • EnumPrinterData{Ex}
  • DeletePrinterData{Ex}
  • EnumPrinterKey
  • DeletePrinterKey

we need to open the printer specific key and set,get or enum the values directly via winreg API:

  • use rpccli_winreg_OpenKey(SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers\\printername) to open printer specific key
  • use rpccli_winreg_SetValue() to set value
  • use rpccli_winreg_QueryValue() to query value
  • use rpccli_winreg_EnumValue() to enumerate values


  • use rpccli_winreg_Close() to close the printer specific key

Eliminate printing registry backend

The dynamic retrieval of PrinterData content currently loaded from ntprinters.tdb needs to be removed.


It is planned to have no in-place migration of data stored in ntprinters.tdb into registry.tdb. Instead we will provide a tool/script that does this migration offline.

RAP callout to spoolss

As the RAP calls for user enumeration currently callout into the samr server, the RAP printing calls need to callout into the spoolss server.

Registry links


 SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers


 SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet -> SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001
 SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001\\Control\\Print\\Printers -> SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers



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