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Google Summer of Code

For a list of ideas for projects see SoC/Ideas.

Details on the Google Summer of Code program

2020 Samba applications

See the Samba Organisation page for details on applying to Samba in particular.

We will be looking for applications that comply with Google's Guide on writing a Quality Proposal and we suggest students read this guide by a former SoC student (at another project).

In particular, do not just copy our Ideas page text into your application without also showing you understand what you are suggesting to do

Projects 2017

List of 2017 students and projects: SoC/2017

Projects 2014

List of 2014 students and projects: SoC/2014

Projects 2013

Projects 2012

List of 2012 students and projects: SoC/2012

Projects 2011

List of 2011 students and projects: SoC/2011

Previous Results

Kai wrote a summary on his 2007 project.

Jelmer wrote a summary on his 2005 project.