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[[Project ideas|SoC/Ideas]] for potential students.
[[SoC/Ideas|Project ideas]] for potential students.

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Google Summer of Code

Samba is again participating in the Google Summer of Code (SoC) in 2007.

Questions about Samba's participation in the program or about a project idea, scope, or design should be mailed to summercode@samba.org. Note that you are not limited to the project ideas listed here. Please email us if you have a new idea you would like to discuss.

If you are considering applying to SoC 2006, please make sure to read the Student FAQ. Pay close attention as the review process for Samba applications will be stricter this year. It is very important you convince us that:

  1. you will, in fact, be able to do the work you are proposing
  2. you understand the scope of the problem

Best of luck to all the Summer of Code applicants. -- The Samba Team


Project ideas for potential students.