Setting up Samba as a Print Server

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Using printers connected to the Samba server

In most of the cases you want to use printers which are directly connected to the samba server. A printer can be connected via various hardware devices (i.e. parallel port, usb, scsi and so forth). But thats not all, you have to take care about the fact that two users can request a print job at the same time. To serve this, you need a software which controls the printer.



Providing Printer Drivers to Windows clients with the [print$] share

Uploading a printer driver

Directory structure in drivers directory

Using printers connected to another Samba or Windows server

Using a printer connected to another Samba server

It is most likely that the other server is running CUPS to. So you only have to forward the print jobs to the other CUPS service. This is a simple to do in CUPS.

Using a printer connected to a Windows server

You also can use CUPS for it. More to come.