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Samba has a GitLab mirror of the official git repository used to aid development

Samba Team members

Samba Team members are encouraged to join the Samba Team organisation here:

How to join

If you are a Samba Team member then you are entitled to access. Just ask on the team list from your team e-mail with your gitlab username.

A fellow team member with Maintainer rights can then add you a Developer via this page:

Other Samba developers

Our broader developer community is encouraged to apply to join a collaborative development repo here:

How to join

Access is given to folks active on the mailing list with patches to submit, not just to Samba Team members.

Please write a mail to with details of your contribution history or plans and a Samba Team member with Maintainer rights can then add you as a Developer via this page:

Code of conduct

If using that, please prefix branches with your username, and be nice. Don't overwrite the work of others.

In return you get a full CI run using Samba Team provided resources running thanks to a credit in Rackspace's cloud. That in turn makes it easier for Samba Team members doing Code Review as your patches will work first time, and they can see proof of that.

CI Results

A CI run is triggered after every push. This makes finding issues early easy.

CI results are here: Pipelines

CI for personal GitLab forks

Instructions how to run CI with your own GitLab runner can be found here: CI using Your own gitlab runner.

This is helpful if you do not wish to share the repository with others (you have your own fork on gitlab). However it requires your own build resources.

Merging patches from GitLab (for Samba Team members)

If the developer has created a merge request, then to merge, download the patch with (eg)

Add review tags and then 'git autobuild' locally. The merge button sadly doesn't work.

Then when the patch is in's git master close the merge request a message like:

Merged into master as <git hash> for Samba <next version>.

See for example this closed merge request.