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==Samba 4.7.0==
==Samba 4.7.0==
:Release Notes for Samba 4.7.0
:Release Notes for Samba 4.7.0
:September 20, 2017
:September 20, 2017
===Release Announcements===
===Release Announcements===

Latest revision as of 21:40, 17 September 2019

Samba 4.7 is Discontinued (End of Life).

Samba 4.7.12

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.12
November 27, 2018

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:

  • CVE-2018-14629 Unprivileged adding of CNAME record causing loop in AD Internal DNS server
  • CVE-2018-16841 Double-free in Samba AD DC KDC with PKINIT
  • CVE-2018-16851 NULL pointer de-reference in Samba AD DC LDAP server
  • CVE-2018-16853 Samba AD DC S4U2Self crash in experimental MIT Kerberos configuration (unsupported)


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards are vulnerable to infinite query recursion caused by CNAME loops. Any dns record can be added via ldap by an unprivileged user using the ldbadd tool, so this is a security issue.
When configured to accept smart-card authentication, Samba's KDC will call talloc_free() twice on the same memory if the principal in a validly signed certificate does not match the principal in the AS-REQ.
This is only possible after authentication with a trusted certificate.
talloc is robust against further corruption from a double-free with talloc_free() and directly calls abort(), terminating the KDC process.
There is no further vulnerability associated with this issue, merely a denial of service.
During the processing of an LDAP search before Samba's AD DC returns the LDAP entries to the client, the entries are cached in a single memory object with a maximum size of 256MB. When this size is reached, the Samba process providing the LDAP service will follow the NULL pointer, terminating the process.
There is no further vulnerability associated with this issue, merely a denial of service.
A user in a Samba AD domain can crash the KDC when Samba is built in the non-default MIT Kerberos configuration.
With this advisory we clarify that the MIT Kerberos build of the Samba AD DC is considered experimental. Therefore the Samba Team will not issue security patches for this configuration.

For more details and workarounds, please refer to the security advisories.

Changes since 4.7.11

  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • Aaron Haslett <aaronhaslett@catalyst.net.nz>
  • Garming Sam <garming@catalyst.net.nz>

Samba 4.7.11

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.11
October 23, 2018

Please note that this will very likely be the last bugfix release of the Samba 4.7 release series. There will be security fixes only beyond this point.

Changes since 4.7.10

  • Paulo Alcantara <paulo@paulo.ac>
  • BUG #13578: s3: util: Do not take over stderr when there is no log file.
  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13585: s3: smbd: Ensure get_real_filename() copes with empty pathnames.
  • BUG #13633: s3: smbd: Prevent valgrind errors in smbtorture3 POSIX test.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13549: Durable Reconnect fails because cookie.allow_reconnect is not set redundant for SMB2.
  • Alexander Bokovoy <ab@samba.org>
  • BUG #13539: krb5-samba: Interdomain trust uses different salt principal.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13362: Fix possible memory leak in the Samba process.
  • BUG #13441: vfs_fruit: Don't unlink the main file.
  • BUG #13602: smbd: Fix a memleak in async search ask sharemode.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #11517: Fix Samba GPO issue when Trust is enabled.
  • BUG #13539: samba-tool: Add virtualKerberosSalt attribute to 'user getpassword/syncpasswords'.
  • BUG #13474: smb2_server: Set req->do_encryption = true earlier.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>

Samba 4.7.10

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.10
August 27, 2018

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

Changes since 4.7.9:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13474: python: pysmbd: Additional error path leak fix.
  • BUG #13511: libsmbclient: Initialize written value before use.
  • BUG #13527: s3: libsmbclient: Fix cli_splice() fallback when reading less than a complete file.
  • BUG #13537: Using "sendfile = yes" with SMB2 can cause CPU spin.
  • Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com>
  • BUG #11573: heimdal: lib/krb5: Do not fail set_config_files due to parse error.
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #13519 13519: ldb: Refuse to build Samba against a newer minor version of ldb.
  • Bailey Berro <baileyberro@chromium.org>
  • BUG #13511: libsmbclient: Initialize written in cli_splice_fallback().
  • Alexander Bokovoy <ab@samba.org>
  • BUG 13538: samba-tool trust: Support discovery via netr_GetDcName.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13318: Durable Handles reconnect fails in a cluster when the cluster fs uses different device ids.
  • BUG #13351: s3: smbd: Always set vuid in check_user_ok().
  • BUG #13505: lib: smb_threads: Fix access before init bug.
  • BUG #13535: s3: smbd: Fix path check in smbd_smb2_create_durable_lease_check().
  • BUG #13451: Fail renaming file if that file has open streams.
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>
  • David Disseldorp <ddiss@samba.org>
  • BUG #13506: vfs_ceph: Don't lie about flock support.
  • BUG #13540: Fix deadlock with ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13195: g_lock: Fix lock upgrades.
  • BUG #13584: vfs_fruit: Fix a panic if fruit_access_check detects a locking conflict.
  • Gary Lockyer <gary@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #13536: The current position in the dns name was not advanced past the '.' character.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13308: samba-tool domain trust: Fix trust compatibility to Windows Server 1709 and FreeIPA.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13478: krb5_wrap: Fix keep_old_entries logic for older kerberos libraries.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • Martin Schwenke <martin@meltin.net>
  • BUG #13499: Don't use CTDB_BROADCAST_VNNMAP.
  • BUG #13500: ctdb-daemon: Only consider client ID for local database attach.
  • Karolin Seeger <kseeger@samba.org>
  • BUG #13499: s3/notifyd.c: Rename CTDB_BROADCAST_VNNMAP to CTDB_BROADCAST_ACTIVE.
  • Ralph Wuerthner <ralph.wuerthner@de.ibm.com>
  • BUG #13568: vfs_time_audit: Fix handling of token_blob in smb_time_audit_offload_read_recv().

Samba 4.7.9

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.9
August 14, 2018

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:

  • CVE-2018-1139 (Weak authentication protocol allowed.)
  • CVE-2018-10858 (Insufficient input validation on client directory listing in libsmbclient.)
  • CVE-2018-10918 (Denial of Service Attack on AD DC DRSUAPI server.)
  • CVE-2018-10919 (Confidential attribute disclosure from the AD LDAP server.)


  • CVE-2018-1139: Vulnerability that allows authentication via NTLMv1 even if disabled.
  • CVE-2018-10858: A malicious server could return a directory entry that could corrupt libsmbclient memory.
  • CVE-2018-10918: Missing null pointer checks may crash the Samba AD DC, over the authenticated DRSUAPI RPC service.
  • CVE-2018-10919: Missing access control checks allow discovery of confidential attribute values via authenticated LDAP search expressions.

Changes since 4.7.8:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • Tim Beale <timbeale@catalyst.net.nz>
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>


Samba 4.7.8

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.8
June 21, 2018

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

Changes since 4.7.7:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13380: s3: smbd: Generic fix for incorrect reporting of stream dos attributes on a directory.
  • BUG #13412: ceph: VFS: Add asynchronous fsync to ceph module, fake using synchronous call.
  • BUG #13419: s3: libsmbclient: Fix hard-coded connection error return of ETIMEDOUT.
  • BUG #13428: s3: smbd: Fix SMB2-FLUSH against directories.
  • BUG #13457: s3: smbd: printing: Re-implement delete-on-close semantics for print files missing since 3.5.x.
  • BUG #13474: python: Fix talloc frame use in make_simple_acl().
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #13430: winbindd on the AD DC is slow for passdb queries.
  • BUG #13454: No Backtrace given by Samba's AD DC by default.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13332: winbindd doesn't recover loss of netlogon secure channel in case the peer DC is rebooted.
  • BUG #13432: s3:smbd: Fix interaction between chown and SD flags.
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>
  • BUG #13437: s4-heimdal: Fix the format-truncation errors.
  • David Disseldorp <ddiss@samba.org>
  • BUG #13425: vfs_ceph: Add fake async pwrite/pread send/recv hooks.
  • Björn Jacke <bjacke@samba.org>
  • BUG #13395: printing: Return the same error code as Windows does on upload failures.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13290: winbind: Improve child selection.
  • BUG #13292: winbind: Maintain a binding handle per domain and always go via wb_domain_request_send().
  • BUG #13332: winbindd doesn't recover loss of netlogon secure channel in case the peer DC is rebooted.
  • BUG #13369: Looking up the user using the UPN results in user name with the REALM instead of the DOMAIN.
  • BUG #13370: rpc_server: Init local_server_* in make_internal_rpc_pipe_socketpair.
  • BUG #13382: smbclient: Fix broken notify.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13273: libads: Fix the build --without-ads.
  • BUG #13279: winbindd: Don't split the rid for SID_NAME_DOMAIN sids in wb_lookupsids.
  • BUG #13280: winbindd: initialize type = SID_NAME_UNKNOWN in wb_lookupsids_single_done().
  • BUG #13289: s4:rpc_server: Fix call_id truncation in dcesrv_find_fragmented_call().
  • BUG #13290: A disconnecting winbind client can cause a problem in the winbind parent child communication.
  • BUG #13291: tevent: version 0.9.36
    • improve documentation of tevent_queue_add_optimize_empty()
    • add tevent_queue_entry_untrigger()
  • BUG #13292: winbind: Use one queue for all domain children.
  • BUG #13293: Minimize the lifetime of winbindd_cli_state->{pw,gr}ent_state.
  • BUG #13294: winbind should avoid using fstrcpy(domain->dcname,...) on a char *.
  • BUG #13295: The winbind parent should find the dc of a foreign domain via the primary domain.
  • BUG #13400: nsswitch: Fix memory leak in winbind_open_pipe_sock() when the privileged pipe is not accessable.
  • BUG #13427: Fix broken server side GENSEC_FEATURE_LDAP_STYLE handling (NTLMSSP NTLM2 packet check failed due to invalid signature!).
  • Vandana Rungta <vrungta@amazon.com>
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13407: rpc_server: Fix NetSessEnum with stale sessions.
  • BUG #13446: dfree cache returning incorrect data for sub directory mounts.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #13369: Looking up the user using the UPN results in user name with the REALM instead of the DOMAIN.
  • BUG #13376: s3:passdb: Do not return OK if we don't have pinfo set up.
  • BUG #13440: s3:utils: Do not segfault on error in DoDNSUpdate().

Samba 4.7.7

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.7
April 17, 2018

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

Changes since 4.7.6:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13206: s4:auth_sam: Allow logons with an empty domain name.
  • BUG #13244: s3: ldap: Ensure the ADS_STRUCT pointer doesn't get freed on error, we don't own it here.
  • BUG #13270: s3: smbd: Fix possible directory fd leak if the underlying OS doesn't support fdopendir().
  • BUG #13319: Round-tripping ACL get/set through vfs_fruit will increase the number of ACE entries without limit.
  • BUG #13347: s3: smbd: SMB2: Add DBGC_SMB2_CREDITS class to specifically debug credit issues.
  • BUG #13358: s3: smbd: Files or directories can't be opened DELETE_ON_CLOSE without delete access.
  • BUG #13372: s3: smbd: Fix memory leak in vfswrap_getwd().
  • BUG #13375: s3: smbd: Unix extensions attempts to change wrong field in fchown call.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13363: s3:smbd: Don't use the directory cache for SMB2/3.
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>
  • David Disseldorp <ddiss@suse.de>
  • BUG #13250: build: Fix ceph_statx check when configured with libcephfs_dir.
  • Poornima G <pgurusid@redhat.com>
  • BUG #13297: vfs_glusterfs: Fix the wrong pointer being sent in glfs_fsync_async.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #13359: ctdb-scripts: Drop 'net serverid wipe' from 50.samba event script.
  • Lutz Justen <ljusten@google.com>
  • BUG #13368: s3: lib: messages: Don't use the result of sec_init() before calling sec_init().
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13215: smbd can panic if the client-supplied channel sequence number wraps.
  • BUG #13367: dsdb: Fix CID 1034966 Uninitialized scalar variable.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13206: s3:libsmb: Allow -U"\\administrator" to work.
  • BUG #13328: Windows 10 cannot logon on Samba NT4 domain.
  • David Mulder <dmulder@suse.com>
  • BUG #13050: smbc_opendir should not return EEXIST with invalid login credentials.
  • Anton Nefedov
  • BUG #13338: s3:smbd: map nterror on smb2_flush errorpath.
  • Dan Robertson <drobertson@tripwire.com>
  • BUG #13310: libsmb: Use smb2 tcon if conn_protocol >= SMB2_02.
  • Garming Sam <garming@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #13031: subnet: Avoid a segfault when renaming subnet objects.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13312: 'wbinfo --name-to-sid' returns misleading result on invalid query.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #13315: s3:smbd: Do not crash if we fail to init the session table.
  • Eric Vannier <evannier@google.com>
  • BUG #13302: Allow AESNI to be used on all processor supporting AESNI.


Samba 4.7.6

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.6
March 13, 2018

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:

  • CVE-2018-1050 (Denial of Service Attack on external print server.)
  • CVE-2018-1057 (Authenticated users can change other users' password.)


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards are vulnerable to a denial of service attack when the RPC spoolss service is configured to be run as an external daemon. Missing input sanitization checks on some of the input parameters to spoolss RPC calls could cause the print spooler service to crash.
There is no known vulnerability associated with this error, merely a denial of service. If the RPC spoolss service is left by default as an internal service, all a client can do is crash its own authenticated connection.
On a Samba 4 AD DC the LDAP server in all versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards incorrectly validates permissions to modify passwords over LDAP allowing authenticated users to change any other users' passwords, including administrative users.

Possible workarounds are described at a dedicated page in the Samba wiki:


Changes since 4.7.5:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>

Samba 4.7.5

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.5
February 7, 2018

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

Major enhancements include:

  • BUG #13228: This is a major issue in Samba's ActiveDirectory domain controller code. It might happen that AD objects have missing or broken linked attributes. This could lead to broken group memberships e.g. All Samba AD domain controllers set up with Samba 4.6 or lower and then upgraded to 4.7 are affected. The corrupt database can be fixed with 'samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix'.

Changes since 4.7.4:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13193: smbd tries to release not leased oplock during oplock II downgrade.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13181: Fix copying file with empty FinderInfo from Windows client to Samba share with fruit.
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>
  • BUG #10976: build: Deal with recent glibc sunrpc header removal.
  • BUG #13238: Make Samba work with tirpc and libnsl2.
  • David Disseldorp <ddiss@samba.org>
  • BUG #13208: vfs_ceph: Add fs_capabilities hook to avoid local statvfs.
  • Love Hornquist Astrand <lha@h5l.org>
  • BUG #12986: Kerberos: PKINIT: Can't decode algorithm parameters in clientPublicValue.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #13188: ctdb-recovery-helper: Deregister message handler in error paths.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13240: samba: Only use async signal-safe functions in signal handler.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #12986: Kerberos: PKINIT: Can't decode algorithm parameters in clientPublicValue.
  • BUG #13228: repl_meta_data: Fix linked attribute corruption on databases with unsorted links on expunge. dbcheck: Add functionality to fix the corrupt database.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13189: Fix smbd panic when chdir returns error during exit.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #13238: Make Samba work with tirpc and libnsl2.
  • Uri Simchoni <uri@samba.org>
  • BUG #13176: Fix POSIX ACL support on HPUX and possibly other big-endian OSs.

Samba 4.7.4

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.4
December 22, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

smbclient reparse point symlink parameters reversed

A bug in smbclient caused the 'symlink' command to reverse the meaning of the new name and link target parameters when creating a reparse point symlink against a Windows server.

This only affects using the smbclient 'symlink' command against a Windows server, not a Samba server using the UNIX extensions (the parameter order is correct in that case) so no existing user scripts that depend on creating symlinks on Samba servers need to change.

As this is a little used feature the ordering of these parameters has been reversed to match the parameter ordering of the UNIX extensions 'symlink' command. This means running 'symlink' against both Windows and Samba now uses the same paramter ordering in both cases.

The usage message for this command has also been improved to remove confusion.

Changes since 4.7.3:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13140: s3: smbclient: Implement 'volume' command over SMB2.
  • BUG #13171: s3: libsmb: Fix valgrind read-after-free error in cli_smb2_close_fnum_recv().
  • BUG #13172: s3: libsmb: Fix reversing of oldname/newname paths when creating a reparse point symlink on Windows from smbclient.
  • Timur I. Bakeyev <timur@iXsystems.com>
  • BUG #12934: Build man page for vfs_zfsacl.8 with Samba.
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #13095: repl_meta_data: Allow delete of an object with dangling backlinks.
  • BUG #13129: s4:samba: Fix default to be running samba as a deamon.
  • BUG #13191: Performance regression in DNS server with introduction of DNS wildcard, ldb: Release 1.2.3
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #6133: vfs_zfsacl: Fix compilation error.
  • BUG #13051: "smb encrypt" setting changes are not fully applied until full smbd restart.
  • BUG #13052: winbindd: Fix idmap_rid dependency on trusted domain list.
  • BUG #13155: vfs_fruit: Proper VFS-stackable conversion of FinderInfo.
  • BUG #13173: winbindd: Dependency on trusted-domain list in winbindd in critical auth codepath.
  • Andrej Gessel <Andrej.Gessel@janztec.com>
  • 3120 BUG #13120: repl_meta_data: Fix removing of backlink on deleted objects.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #13153: ctdb: sock_daemon leaks memory.
  • BUG #13154: TCP tickles not getting synchronised on CTDB restart.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13150: winbindd: winbind parent and child share a ctdb connection.
  • BUG #13170: pthreadpool: Fix deadlock.
  • BUG #13179: pthreadpool: Fix starvation after fork.
  • BUG #13180: messaging: Always register the unique id.
  • Gary Lockyer <gary@catalyst.net.nz>
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13095: Fix broken linked attribute handling.
  • BUG #13132: The KDC on an RWDC doesn't send error replies in some situations.
  • BUG #13149: libnet_join: Fix 'net rpc oldjoin'.
  • BUG #13195: g_lock conflict detection broken when processing stale entries.
  • BUG #13197: s3:smb2_server: allow logoff, close, unlock, cancel and echo on expired sessions.
  • Noel Power <noel.power@suse.com>
  • BUG #13166: s3:libads: net ads keytab list fails with "Key table name malformed".
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #13129: s4:samba: Allow samba daemon to run in foreground.
  • BUG #13174: third_party: Link the aesni-intel library with "-z noexecstack".
  • Niels de Vos <ndevos@redhat.com>
  • BUG #13125: vfs_glusterfs: include glusterfs/api/glfs.h without relying on "-I" options.

Samba 4.7.3

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.3
November 21, 2017

This is a security release

in order to address the following defects:


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards are vulnerable to a use after free vulnerability, where a malicious SMB1 request can be used to control the contents of heap memory via a deallocated heap pointer. It is possible this may be used to compromise the SMB server.
All versions of Samba from 3.6.0 onwards are vulnerable to a heap memory information leak, where server allocated heap memory may be returned to the client without being cleared.
There is no known vulnerability associated with this error, but uncleared heap memory may contain previously used data that may help an attacker compromise the server via other methods. Uncleared heap memory may potentially contain password hashes or other high-value data.

For more details and workarounds, please see the security advisories:

Changes since 4.7.2

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>

Samba 4.7.2

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.2
November 15, 2017

This is an additional bugfix release to address a possible data corruption issue. Please update immediately!

For details, please see:

BUG #13130

Samba 4.6.0 and newer is affected by this issue.

Changes since 4.7.1:

  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13121: Non-smbd processes using kernel oplocks can hang smbd.
  • Joe Guo <joeg@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #13127: python: use communicate to fix Popen deadlock.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13130: smbd on disk file corruption bug under heavy threaded load.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • Ralph Wuerthner <ralph.wuerthner@de.ibm.com>
  • BUG #13118: s3: smbd: Fix delete-on-close after smb2_find.

Samba 4.7.1

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.1
November 02, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.7 release series.

Changes since 4.7.0:

  • Michael Adam <obnox@samba.org>
  • BUG #13091: vfs_glusterfs: Fix exporting subdirs with shadow_copy2.
  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13027: s3: smbd: Currently if getwd() fails after a chdir(), we panic.
  • BUG #13068: s3: VFS: Ensure default SMB_VFS_GETWD() call can't return a partially completed struct smb_filename.
  • BUG #13069: sys_getwd() can leak memory or possibly return the wrong errno on older systems.
  • BUG #13093: 'smbclient' doesn't correctly canonicalize all local names before use.
  • Douglas Bagnall <douglas.bagnall@catalyst.net.nz>
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #12994: Missing LDAP query escapes in DNS rpc server.
  • BUG #13087: replace: Link to -lbsd when building replace.c by hand.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #6133: Cannot delete non-ACL files on Solaris/ZFS/NFSv4 ACL filesystem.
  • BUG #7909: Map SYNCHRONIZE acl permission statically in zfs_acl vfs module.
  • BUG #7933: Samba fails to honor SEC_STD_WRITE_OWNER bit with the acl_xattr module.
  • BUG #12991: s3/mdssvc: Missing assignment in sl_pack_float.
  • BUG #12995: Wrong Samba access checks when changing DOS attributes.
  • BUG #13062: samba_runcmd_send() leaves zombie processes on timeout
  • BUG #13065: net: groupmap cleanup should not delete BUILTIN mappings.
  • BUG #13076: Enabling vfs_fruit results in loss of Finder tags and other xattrs.
  • Alexander Bokovoy <ab@samba.org>
  • BUG #9613: man pages: Properly ident lists.
  • BUG #13081: smb.conf.5: Sort parameters alphabetically.
  • Samuel Cabrero <scabrero@suse.de>
  • BUG #12993: s3: spoolss: Fix GUID string format on GetPrinter info.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #13042: Remote serverid check doesn't check for the unique id.
  • BUG #13056: CTDB starts consuming memory if there are dead nodes in the cluster.
  • BUG #13070: ctdb-common: Ignore event scripts with multiple '.'s.
  • Lutz Justen <ljusten@google.com>
  • BUG #13046: libgpo doesn't sort the GPOs in the correct order.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13042: Remote serverid check doesn't check for the unique id.
  • BUG #13090: vfs_catia: Fix a potential memleak.
  • BUG #12903: Fix file change notification for renames.
  • Gary Lockyer <gary@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #12952: Samba DNS server does not honour wildcards.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13079: Can't change password in samba from a Windows client if Samba runs on IPv6 only interface.
  • Anoop C S <anoopcs@redhat.com>
  • BUG #13086: vfs_fruit: Replace closedir() by SMB_VFS_CLOSEDIR.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13047: Apple client can't cope with SMB2 async replies when creating symlinks.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #12959: s4:rpc_server:backupkey: Move variable into scope.
  • BUG #13099: s4:scripting: Fix ntstatus_gen.h generation on 32bit.
  • BUG #13100: s3:vfs_glusterfs: Fix a double free in vfs_gluster_getwd().
  • BUG #13101: Fix resouce leaks and pointer issues.
  • Jorge Schrauwen
  • BUG #13049: vfs_solarisacl: Fix build for samba 4.7 and up.


Samba 4.7.0

Release Notes for Samba 4.7.0
September 20, 2017

Release Announcements

This is the first stable release of Samba 4.7.

Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading.


smbclient changes

'smbclient' no longer prints a 'Domain=[...] OS=[Windows 6.1] Server=[...]' banner when connecting to the first server. With SMB2 and Kerberos there's no way to print this information reliable. Now we avoid it at all consistently. In interactive session the following banner is now presented to the user: 'Try "help" do get a list of possible commands.'.

The default for "client max protocol" has changed to "SMB3_11", which means that 'smbclient' (and related commands) will work against servers without SMB1 support.

It's possible to use the '-m/--max-protocol' option to overwrite the "client max protocol" option temporarily.

Note that the '-e/--encrypt' option also works with most SMB3 servers (e.g. Windows >= 2012 and Samba >= 4.0.0), so the SMB1 unix extensions are not required for encryption.

The change to SMB3_11 as default also means smbclient no longer negotiates SMB1 unix extensions by default, when talking to a Samba server with "unix extensions = yes". As a result, some commands are not available, e.g. 'posix_encrypt', 'posix_open', 'posix_mkdir', 'posix_rmdir', 'posix_unlink', posix_whoami', 'getfacl' and 'symlink'. Using "-mNT1" reenabled them, if the server supports SMB1.

Note: the default ("CORE") for "client min protocol" hasn't changed, so it's still possible to connect to SMB1-only servers by default.

'smbclient' learned a new command 'deltree' that is able to do a recursive deletion of a directory tree.


Whole DB read locks: Improved LDAP and replication consistency

Prior to Samba 4.7 and ldb 1.2.0, the LDB database layer used by Samba erroneously did not take whole-DB read locks to protect search and DRS replication operations.

While each object returned remained subject to a record-level lock (so would remain consistent to itself), under a race condition with a rename or delete, it and any links (like the member attribute) to it would not be returned.

The symptoms of this issue include:

Replication failures with this error showing in the client side logs:

error during DRS repl ADD: No objectClass found in replPropertyMetaData for Failed to commit objects:

A crash of the server, in particular the rpc_server process with


LDAP read inconsistency

A DN subject to a search at the same time as it is being renamed may not appear under either the old or new name, but will re-appear for a subsequent search.

See BUG #12858 for more details and updated advise on database recovery for affected installations.

Samba AD with MIT Kerberos

After four years of development, Samba finally supports compiling and running Samba AD with MIT Kerberos. You can enable it with:

   ./configure --with-system-mitkrb5

Samba requires version 1.15.1 of MIT Kerberos to build with AD DC support. The krb5-devel and krb5-server packages are required. The feature set is not on par with with the Heimdal build but the most important things, like forest and external trusts, are working. Samba uses the KDC binary provided by MIT Kerberos.

Missing features, compared to Heimdal, are:

  • PKINIT support
  • S4U2SELF/S4U2PROXY support
  • RODC support (not fully working with Heimdal either)

The Samba AD process will take care of starting the MIT KDC and it will load a KDB (Kerberos Database) driver to access the Samba AD database. When provisioning an AD DC using 'samba-tool' it will take care of creating a correct kdc.conf file for the MIT KDC.

For further details, see:

Running_a_Samba_AD_DC with_MIT_Kerberos_KDC

Dynamic RPC port range

The dynamic port range for RPC services has been changed from the old default value "1024-1300" to "49152-65535". This port range is not only used by a Samba AD DC but also applies to all other server roles including NT4-style domain controllers. The new value has been defined by Microsoft in Windows Server 2008 and newer versions. To make it easier for Administrators to control those port ranges we use the same default and make it configurable with the option: "rpc server dynamic port range".

The "rpc server port" option sets the first available port from the new "rpc server dynamic port range" option. The option "rpc server port" only applies to Samba provisioned as an AD DC.

Authentication and Authorization audit support

Detailed authentication and authorization audit information is now logged to Samba's debug logs under the "auth_audit" debug class, including in particular the client IP address triggering the audit line. Additionally, if Samba is compiled against the jansson JSON library, a JSON representation is logged under the "auth_json_audit" debug class.

Audit support is comprehensive for all authentication and authorisation of user accounts in the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller, as well as the implicit authentication in password changes. In the file server and classic/NT4 domain controller, NTLM authentication, SMB and RPC authorization is covered, however password changes are not at this stage, and this support is not currently backed by a testsuite.

For further details, see:


Multi-process LDAP Server

The LDAP server in the AD DC now honours the process model used for the rest of the 'samba' process, rather than being forced into a single process. This aids in Samba's ability to scale to larger numbers of AD clients and the AD DC's overall resiliency, but will mean that there is a fork()ed child for every LDAP client, which may be more resource intensive in some situations. If you run Samba in a resource-constrained VM, consider allocating more RAM and swap space.

Improved Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) Support

Support for RODCs in Samba AD until now has been experimental. With this latest version, many of the critical bugs have been fixed and the RODC can be used in DC environments requiring no writable behaviour. RODCs now correctly support bad password lockouts and password disclosure auditing through the msDS-RevealedUsers attribute.

The fixes made to the RWDC will also allow Windows RODC to function more correctly and to avoid strange data omissions such as failures to replicate groups or updated passwords. Password changes are currently rejected at the RODC, although referrals should be given over LDAP. While any bad passwords can trigger domain-wide lockout, good passwords which have not been replicated yet for a password change can only be used via NTLM on the RODC (and not Kerberos).

The reliability of RODCs locating a writable partner still requires some improvements and so the 'password server' configuration option is generally recommended on the RODC.

Samba 4.7 is the first Samba release to be secure as an RODC or when hosting an RODC. If you have been using earlier Samba versions to host or be an RODC, please upgrade.

In particular see https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12977 for details on the security implications for password disclosure to an RODC using earlier versions.

Additional password hashes stored in supplementalCredentials

A new config option 'password hash userPassword schemes' has been added to enable generation of SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashes (without storing the plaintext password with reversible encryption). This builds upon previous work to improve password sync for the AD DC (originally using GPG).

The user command of 'samba-tool' has been updated in order to be able to extract these additional hashes, as well as extracting the (HTTP) WDigest hashes that we had also been storing in supplementalCredentials.

Improvements to DNS during Active Directory domain join

The 'samba-tool' domain join command will now add the A and GUID DNS records (on both the local and remote servers) during a join if possible via RPC. This should allow replication to proceed more smoothly post-join.

The mname element of the SOA record will now also be dynamically generated to point to the local read-write server. 'samba_dnsupdate' should now be more reliable as it will now find the appropriate name server even when resolv.conf points to a forwarder.

Significant AD performance and replication improvements

Previously, replication of group memberships was been an incredibly expensive process for the AD DC. This was mostly due to unnecessary CPU time being spent parsing member linked attributes. The database now stores these linked attributes in sorted form to perform efficient searches for existing members. In domains with a large number of group memberships, a join can now be completed in half the time compared with Samba 4.6.

LDAP search performance has also improved, particularly in the unindexed search case. Parsing and processing of security descriptors should now be more efficient, improving replication but also overall performance.

Query record for open file or directory

The record attached to an open file or directory in Samba can be queried through the 'net tdb locking' command. In clustered Samba this can be useful to determine the file or directory triggering corresponding "hot" record warnings in ctdb.

Removal of lpcfg_register_defaults_hook()

The undocumented and unsupported function lpcfg_register_defaults_hook() that was used by external projects to call into Samba and modify smb.conf default parameter settings has been removed. If your project was using this call please raise the issue on samba-technical@lists.samba.org in order to design a supported way of obtaining the same functionality.

Change of loadable module interface

The _init function of all loadable modules in Samba has changed from:

NTSTATUS _init(void);



This allows a program loading a module to pass in a long-lived talloc context (which must be guaranteed to be alive for the lifetime of the module). This allows modules to avoid use of the talloc_autofree_context() (which is inherently thread-unsafe) and still be valgrind-clean on exit. Modules that don't need to free long-lived data on exit should use the NULL talloc context.

Parameter changes

The "strict sync" global parameter has been changed from a default of "no" to "yes". This means smbd will by default obey client requests to synchronize unwritten data in operating system buffers safely onto disk. This is a safer default setting for modern SMB1/2/3 clients.

The 'ntlm auth' option default is renamed to 'ntlmv2-only', reflecting the previous behaviour. Two new values have been provided, 'mschapv2-and-ntlmv2-only' (allowing MSCHAPv2 while denying NTLMv1) and 'disabled', totally disabling NTLM authentication and password changes.

SHA256 LDAPS Certificates

The self-signed certificate generated for use on LDAPS will now be generated with a SHA256 self-signature, not a SHA1 self-signature.

Replacing this certificate with a certificate signed by a trusted CA is still highly recommended.

CTDB changes

  • CTDB no longer allows mixed minor versions in a cluster
See the AllowMixedVersions tunable option in ctdb-tunables(7) and also Upgrading_a_CTDB_cluster#Policy
  • CTDB now ignores hints from Samba about TDB flags when attaching to databases
CTDB will use the correct flags depending on the type of database. For clustered databases, the smb.conf setting dbwrap_tdb_mutexes:*=true will be ignored. Instead, CTDB continues to use the TDBMutexEnabled tunable.
  • New configuration variable CTDB_NFS_CHECKS_DIR
See ctdbd.conf(5) for more details.
  • The CTDB_SERVICE_AUTOSTARTSTOP configuration variable has been removed
To continue to manage/unmanage services while CTDB is running:
  • Start service by hand and then flag it as managed
  • Mark service as unmanaged and shut it down by hand
  • In some cases CTDB does something fancy - e.g. start Samba under "nice", so care is needed. One technique is to disable the eventscript, mark as managed, run the startup event by hand and then re-enable the eventscript.
  • The CTDB_SCRIPT_DEBUGLEVEL configuration variable has been removed
  • The example NFS Ganesha call-out has been improved
  • A new "replicated" database type is available
Replicated databases are intended for CTDB's internal use to replicate state data across the cluster, but may find other uses. The data in replicated databases is valid for the lifetime of CTDB and cleared on first attach.

Using x86_64 Accelerated AES Crypto Instructions

Samba on x86_64 can now be configured to use the Intel accelerated AES instruction set, which has the potential to make SMB3 signing and encryption much faster on client and server. To enable this, configure Samba using the new option --accel-aes=intelaesni.

This is a temporary solution that is being included to allow users to enjoy the benefits of Intel accelerated AES on the x86_64 platform, but the longer-term solution will be to move Samba to a fully supported external crypto library.

The third_party/aesni-intel code will be removed from Samba as soon as external crypto library performance reaches parity.

The default is to build without setting --accel-aes, which uses the existing Samba software AES implementation.

smb.conf changes

 Parameter Name                     Description             Default
 --------------                     -----------             -------
 allow unsafe cluster upgrade       New parameter           no
 auth event notification            New parameter           no
 auth methods                       Deprecated
 client max protocol                Effective               SMB3_11
                                    default changed
 map untrusted to domain            New value/              auto
                                    Default changed/
 mit kdc command                    New parameter
 profile acls                       Deprecated
 rpc server dynamic port range      New parameter           49152-65535
 strict sync                        Default changed         yes
 password hash userPassword schemes New parameter
 ntlm auth                          New values              ntlmv2-only




A man in the middle attack may hijack client connections.
A man in the middle attack can read and may alter confidential documents transferred via a client connection, which are reached via DFS redirect when the original connection used SMB3.
Client with write access to a share can cause server memory contents to be written into a file or printer.

For more details and workarounds, please see the security advisories:



  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #13003: s3: vfs: catia: compression get/set must act only on base file, and must cope with fsp==NULL.
  • BUG #13008: lib: crypto: Make smbd use the Intel AES instruction set for signing and encryption.
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #12946: s4-drsuapi: Avoid segfault when replicating as a non-admin with GUID_DRS_GET_CHANGES.
  • BUG #13015: Allow re-index of newer databases with binary GUID TDB keys (this officially removes support for re-index of the original pack format 0, rather than simply segfaulting).
  • BUG #13017: Add ldb_ldif_message_redacted_string() to allow debug of redacted log messages, avoiding showing secret values.
  • BUG #13023: ldb: version 1.2.2.
  • BUG #13025: schema: Rework dsdb_schema_set_indices_and_attributes() db operations.
  • Alexander Bokovoy <ab@samba.org>
  • BUG #13030: Install dcerpc/__init__.py for all Python environments.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #13024: s3/smbd: Sticky write time offset miscalculation causes broken timestamps
  • BUG #13037: lib/util: Only close the event_fd in tfork if the caller didn't call tfork_event_fd().
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #13006: messaging: Avoid a socket leak after fork.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #13018: charset: Fix str[n]casecmp_m() by comparing lower case values.
  • Gary Lockyer <gary@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #13037: util_runcmd: Free the fde in event handler.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #13012: ctdb-daemon: Fix implementation of process_exists control.
  • BUG #13021: GET_DB_SEQNUM control can cause ctdb to deadlock when databases are frozen.
  • BUG #13029: ctdb-daemon: Free up record data if a call request is deferred.
  • BUG #13036: ctdb-client: Initialize ctdb_ltdb_header completely for empty record.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #13032: vfs_streams_xattr: Fix segfault when running with log level 10.


  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #12929: smb.conf: Explain that "ntlm auth" is a per-passdb setting.
  • BUG #12953: s4/lib/tls: Use SHA256 to sign the TLS certificates.
  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #12978: After restarting CTDB, it attaches replicated databases with wrong flags.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • BUG #12863: s3:smbclient: Don't try any workgroup listing with "client min protocol = SMB2".
  • BUG #12876: s3:libsmb: Don't call cli_NetServerEnum() on SMB2/3 connections in SMBC_opendir_ctx().
  • BUG #12881: s3:libsmb: Let do_connect() debug the negotiation result similar to "session request ok".
  • BUG #12919: s4:http/gensec: add missing tevent_req_done() to gensec_http_ntlm_update_done().
  • BUG #12968: Fix 'smbclient tarmode' with SMB2/3.
  • BUG #12973: 'smbd': Don't use a lot of CPU on startup of a connection.
  • Christof Schmitt <cs@samba.org>
  • BUG #12983: vfs_default: Fix passing of errno from async calls.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #12629: s3:utils: Do not report an invalid range for AD DC role.
  • BUG #12704: s3:libsmb: Let get_ipc_connect() use CLI_FULL_CONNECTION_FORCE_SMB1.
  • BUG #12930: Fix build issues with GCC 7.1.
  • BUG #12950: s3:script: Untaint user supplied data in modprinter.pl.
  • BUG #12956: s3:libads: Fix changing passwords with Kerberos.
  • BUG #12975: Fix changing the password with 'smbpasswd' as a local user on a domain member.


  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #12913: Implement cli_smb2_setatr() by calling cli_smb2_setpathinfo().
  • Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
  • BUG #11392: s4-cldap/netlogon: Match Windows 2012R2 and return NETLOGON_NT_VERSION_5 when version unspecified.
  • BUG #12855: dsdb: Do not force a re-index of sam.ldb on upgrade to 4.7.
  • BUG #12904: dsdb: Fix dsdb_next_callback to correctly use ldb_module_done() etc.
  • BUG #12939: s4-rpc_server: Improve debug of new endpoints.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #12791: Fix kernel oplocks issues with named streams.
  • BUG #12944: vfs_gpfs: Handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes from xattr.
  • Bob Campbell <bobcampbell@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #12842: samdb/cracknames: Support user and service principal as desired format.
  • David Disseldorp <ddiss@samba.org>
  • Gary Lockyer <gary@catalyst.net.nz>
  • BUG #12865: Track machine account ServerAuthenticate3.
  • Marc Muehlfeld <mmuehlfeld@samba.org>
  • BUG #12947: python: Fix incorrect kdc.conf parameter name in kerberos.py.
  • Noel Power <noel.power@suse.com>
  • BUG #12937: s3/utils: 'smbcacls' failed to detect DIRECTORIES using SMB2 (Windows only).
  • Arvid Requate <requate@univention.de>
  • BUG #11392: s4-dsdb/netlogon: Allow missing ntver in cldap ping.
  • Anoop C S <anoopcs@redhat.com>
  • BUG #12936: source3/client: Fix typo in help message displayed by default.
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>


  • Jeremy Allison <jra@samba.org>
  • BUG #12836: s3: smbd: Fix a read after free if a chained SMB1 call goes async.
  • BUG #12899: s3: libsmb: Reverse sense of 'clear all attributes', ignore attribute change in SMB2 to match SMB1.
  • BUG #12914: s3: smbclient: Add new command deltree.
  • Ralph Boehme <slow@samba.org>
  • BUG #12885: s3/smbd: Let non_widelink_open() chdir() to directories directly.
  • BUG #12887: Remove SMB_VFS_STRICT_UNLOCK noop from the VFS.
  • BUG #12891: Enable TDB mutexes in dbwrap and ctdb.
  • BUG #12897: vfs_fruit: don't use MS NFS ACEs with Windows clients.
  • BUG #12910: s3/notifyd: Ensure notifyd doesn't return from smbd_notifyd_init.
  • Alexander Bokovoy <ab@samba.org>
  • BUG #12905: Build py3 versions of other rpc modules.
  • Günther Deschner <gd@samba.org>
  • BUG #12840: vfs_fruit: Add "fruit:model = <modelname>" parametric option.
  • Dustin L. Howett
  • BUG #12720: idmap_ad: Retry query_user exactly once if we get TLDAP_SERVER_DOWN.
  • Amitay Isaacs <amitay@gmail.com>
  • BUG #12891: dbwrap_ctdb: Fix calculation of persistent flag.
  • Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@intra2net.com>
  • BUG #12927: s3: libsmb: Fix use-after-free when accessing pointer *p.
  • Volker Lendecke <vl@samba.org>
  • BUG #12925: smbd: Fix a connection run-down race condition.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
  • tevent: version 0.9.33: make tevent_req_print() more robust against crashes.
  • ldb: version 1.2.1
  • BUG #12882: Do not install _ldb_text.py if we have system libldb.
  • BUG #12890: s3:smbd: consistently use talloc_tos() memory for rpc_pipe_open_interface().
  • BUG #12900: Fix index out of bound in ldb_msg_find_common_values.
  • Rowland Penny <rpenny@samba.org>
  • BUG #12884: Easily edit a users object in AD, as if using 'ldbedit'.
  • Bernhard M. Wiedemann <bwiedemann@suse.de>
  • Andreas Schneider <asn@samba.org>
  • BUG #12882: waf: Do not install _ldb_text.py if we have system libldb.
  • Martin Schwenke <martin@meltin.net>
  • BUG #12898: ctdb-common: Set close-on-exec when creating PID file.

Changes since 4.7.0rc1

  • Jeffrey Altman <jaltman@secure-endpoints.com>