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Samba 4.6.0 rc1

Release Notes for Samba 4.6.0 rc1
January 5, 2017

Release Announcements

This is the first preview release of Samba 4.6. This is *not* intended for production environments and is designed for testing purposes only. Please report any defects via the Samba bug reporting system at

Samba 4.6 will be the next version of the Samba suite.


vfs_fruit option "fruit:resource" spelling correction

Due to a spelling error in the vfs_fruit option parsing for the "fruit:resource" option, users who have set this option in their smb.conf were still using the default setting "fruit:resource = file" as the parser was looking for the string "fruit:ressource" (two "s").

After upgrading to this Samba version 4.6, you MUST either remove the option from your smb.conf or set it to the default "fruit:resource = file", otherwise your macOS clients will not be able to access the resource fork data.

This version Samba 4.6 accepts both the correct and incorrect spelling, but the next Samba version 4.7 will not accept the wrong spelling.

Users who were using the wrong spelling "ressource" with two "s" can keep the setting, but are advised to switch to the correct spelling.

ID Mapping

We discovered that the majority of users have an invalid or incorrect ID mapping configuration. We implemented checks in the 'testparm' tool to validate the ID mapping configuration. You should run it and check if it prints any warnings or errors after upgrading! If it does you should fix them. See the 'IDENTITY MAPPING CONSIDERATIONS' section in the smb.conf manpage. There are some ID mapping backends which are not allowed to be used for the default backend. Winbind will no longer start if an invalid backend is configured as the default backend.

To avoid problems in future we advise all users to run 'testparm' after changing the smb.conf file!


Kerberos client encryption types

Some parts of Samba (most notably winbindd) perform Kerberos client operations based on a Samba-generated krb5.conf file. A new parameter, "kerberos encryption types" allows configuring the encryption types set in this file, thereby allowing the user to enforce strong or legacy encryption in Kerberos exchanges.

The default value of "all" is compatible with previous behavior, allowing all encryption algorithms to be negotiated. Setting the parameter to "strong" only allows AES-based algorithms to be negotiated. Setting the parameter to "legacy" allows only RC4-HMAC-MD5 - the legacy algorithm for Active Directory. This can solves some corner cases of mixed environments with Server 2003R2 and newer DCs.


Support for uploading printer drivers from newer Windows clients (Windows 10) has been added until our implementation of [MS-PAR] protocol is ready. Several issues with uploading different printing drivers have been addressed.

The OS Version for the printing server has been increased to announce Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. If a driver needs a newer version then you should check the smb.conf manpage for details.

new option for owner inheritance

The "inherit owner" smb.conf parameter instructs smbd to set the owner of files to be the same as the parent directory's owner. Up until now, this parameter could be set to "yes" or "no". A new option, "unix only", enables this feature only for the UNIX owner of the file, not affecting the SID owner in the Windows NT ACL of the file. This can be used to emulate something very similar to folder quotas.

Multi-process Netlogon support

The Netlogon server in the Samba AD DC can now run as multiple processes. The Netlogon server is a part of the AD DC that handles NTLM authentication on behalf of domain members, including file servers, NTLM-authenticated web servers and 802.1x gateways. The previous restriction to running as a single process has been removed, and it will now run in the same process model as the rest of the 'samba' binary.

As part of this change, the NETLOGON service will now run on a distinct TCP port, rather than being shared with all other RPC services (LSA, SAMR, DRSUAPI etc).

new options for controlling TCP ports used for RPC services

The new 'rpc server port' option controls the default port used for RPC services other than Netlogon. The Netlogon server honours instead the 'rpc server port:netlogon' option. The default value for both these options is the first available port including or after 1024.

Improve AD performance and replication improvements

Samba's LDB and replication code continues to improve, particularly in respect to the handling of large numbers of linked attributes. We now respect an 'uptodateness vector' which will dramatically reduce the over-replication of links from new DCs. We have also made the parsing of on-disk linked attributes much more efficient.

DNS improvements

The samba-tool dns subcommand is now much more robust and can delete records in a number of situations where it was not possible to do so in the past.

On the server side, DNS names are now more strictly validated.

CTDB changes

  • "ctdb event" is a new top-level command for interacting with event scripts
"ctdb event status" replaces "ctdb scriptstatus" - the latter is maintained for backward compatibility but the output format has been cleaned up
"ctdb event run" replaces "ctdb eventscript"
"ctdb event script enable" replaces "ctdb enablescript"
"ctdb event script disable" replaces "ctdb disablescript"

The new command "ctdb event script list" lists event scripts.

  • CTDB's back-end for running event scripts has been replaced by a separate, long-running daemon ctdbd_eventd.
  • Running ctdb interactively will log to stderr
  • CTDB logs now include process id for each process
  • CTDB tags log messages differently. Changes include:
ctdb-recoverd: Messages from CTDB's recovery daemon
ctdb-recovery: Messages from CTDB database recovery
ctdb-eventd: Messages from CTDB's event daemon
ctdb-takeover: Messgaes from CTDB's public IP takeover subsystem
  • The mapping between symbolic and numeric debug levels has changed
Configurations containing numeric debug levels should be updated. Symbolic debug levels are recommended. See the DEBUG LEVEL section of ctdb(7) for details.
  • Tunable IPAllocAlgorithm replaces LCP2PublicIPs, DeterministicIPs
See ctdb-tunables(7) for details
  • CTDB's configuration tunables should be consistently set across a cluster
This has always been the cases for most tunables but this fact is now documented.
  • CTDB ships with recovery lock helper call-outs for etcd and Ceph RADOS
To build/install these, use the
--enable-etcd-reclock and
--enable-ceph-reclock configure options.

smb.conf changes

 Parameter Name                Description             Default
 --------------                -----------             -------
 kerberos encryption types     New                     all
 inherit owner                 New option
 fruit:resource                Spelling correction
 lsa over netlogon             New (deprecated)        no
 rpc server port               New                     0


Currently none.