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Samba 4.5 is Discontinued (End of Life).

Samba 4.5.16

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.16
March 13, 2018

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:

  • CVE-2018-1050 (Denial of Service Attack on external print server.)
  • CVE-2018-1057 (Authenticated users can change other users' password.)


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards are vulnerable to a denial of service attack when the RPC spoolss service is configured to be run as an external daemon. Missing input sanitization checks on some of the input parameters to spoolss RPC calls could cause the print spooler service to crash.
There is no known vulnerability associated with this error, merely a denial of service. If the RPC spoolss service is left by default as an internal service, all a client can do is crash its own authenticated connection.
On a Samba 4 AD DC the LDAP server in all versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards incorrectly validates permissions to modify passwords over LDAP allowing authenticated users to change any other users' passwords, including administrative users.

Possible workarounds are described at a dedicated page in the Samba wiki:


Changes since 4.5.15:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>

Samba 4.5.15

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.15
November 21, 2017

This is a security release

in order to address the following defects:


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards are vulnerable to a use after free vulnerability, where a malicious SMB1 request can be used to control the contents of heap memory via a deallocated heap pointer. It is possible this may be used to compromise the SMB server.
All versions of Samba from 3.6.0 onwards are vulnerable to a heap memory information leak, where server allocated heap memory may be returned to the client without being cleared.
There is no known vulnerability associated with this error, but uncleared heap memory may contain previously used data that may help an attacker compromise the server via other methods. Uncleared heap memory may potentially contain password hashes or other high-value data.

For more details and workarounds, please see the security advisories:

Changes since 4.5.14

  • Jeremy Allison <>

Samba 4.5.14

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.14
September 20, 2017

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:


A man in the middle attack may hijack client connections.
A man in the middle attack can read and may alter confidential documents transferred via a client connection, which are reached via DFS redirect when the original connection used SMB3.
Client with write access to a share can cause server memory contents to be written into a file or printer.

For more details and workarounds, please see the security advisories:

Changes since 4.5.13:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12836: s3: smbd: Fix a read after free if a chained SMB1 call goes async.
  • BUG #13020: CVE-2017-12163: s3:smbd: Prevent client short SMB1 write from writing server memory to file.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12885: s3/smbd: Let non_widelink_open() chdir() to directories directly.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>

Samba 4.5.13

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.13
August 31, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.12:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12836: s3: smbd: Fix a read after free if a chained SMB1 call goes async.
  • BUG #12899: 'smbclient setmode' no longer works to clear attribute bits due to dialect upgrade.
  • BUG #12913: SMBC_setatr() initially uses an SMB1 call before falling back.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12791: Fix kernel oplock issues with named streams.
  • BUG #12897: vfs_fruit: Don't use MS NFS ACEs with Windows clients.
  • BUG #12910: s3/notifyd: Ensure notifyd doesn't return from smbd_notifyd_init.
  • BUG #12944: vfs_gpfs: handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes from xattr.
  • BUG #12885: Let non_widelink_open() chdir() to directories directly.
  • Günther Deschner <>
  • BUG #12840: vfs_fruit: Add fruit:model = <modelname> parametric option.
  • David Disseldorp <>
  • Thomas Jarosch <>
  • BUG #12927: s3: libsmb: Fix use-after-free when accessing pointer *p.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12782: winbindd changes the local password and gets NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD for the remote change.
  • BUG #12890: s3:smbd: consistently use talloc_tos() memory for rpc_pipe_open_interface().

Samba 4.5.12

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.12
July 12, 2017

This is a security release in order to address the following defect:

CVE-2017-11103 (Orpheus' Lyre mutual authentication validation bypass)


All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards using embedded Heimdal Kerberos are vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack impersonating a trusted server, who may gain elevated access to the domain by returning malicious replication or authorization data.
Samba binaries built against MIT Kerberos are not vulnerable.

Changes since 4.5.11

  • Jeffrey Altman <>

Samba 4.5.11

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.11
July 6, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.10:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12793: s3: smbd: Fix open_files.idl to correctly ignore share_mode_lease *lease in share_mode_entry.
  • BUG #12804: s3: VFS: Catia: Ensure path name is also converted.
  • BUG #12818: s3: smbd: When deleting an fsp pointer ensure we don't keep any references to it around.
  • BUG #12831: s3: libsmb: Correctly save and restore connection tcon in 'smbclient', 'smbcacls' and 'smbtorture3'.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12798: s3/smbd: Fix exclusive lease optimisation.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12856: ctdb-scripts: Don't send empty argument string to logger.
  • BUG #12857: ctdb-recovery: Do not run local ip verification when in recovery.
  • Daniel Kobras <>
  • BUG #12860: s3: smbd: Fix regression with non-wide symlinks to directories over SMB3.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12768: samba-tool: Fix log message of 'samba-tool user syncpasswords'.
  • BUG #12772: s3:smbd: unimplement FSCTL_VALIDATE_NEGOTIATE_INFO with "server max protocol = SMB2_02".
  • BUG #12788: auth/spnego: Fix gensec_update_ev() argument order for the SPNEGO_FALLBACK case.
  • BUG #12832: s3:smb2_create: Avoid reusing the 'tevent_req' within smbd_smb2_create_send().
  • BUG #12844: Related requests with TreeConnect fail with NETWORK_NAME_DELETED.
  • BUG #12845: Related requests with SessionSetup fail with INTERNAL_ERROR.
  • BUG #12859: ldb: protect Samba < 4.7 against incompatible ldb versions and require ldb < 1.2.0.
  • BUG #12862: auth/ntlmssp: Enforce NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_NTLM2 for the NTLMv2 client case.
  • Michael Saxl <>
  • BUG #10490: s3:gse_krb5: Fix a possible crash in fill_mem_keytab_from_system_keytab().
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12808: libcli:smb2: Gracefully handle not supported for FSCTL_VALIDATE_NEGOTIATE_INFO.
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12802: 'ctdb nodestatus' incorrectly displays status for all nodes with wrong exit code.
  • BUG #12837: ctdb-scripts: NFS call-out failures should cause event failure.
  • Richard Sharpe <>
  • BUG #15852: There are valid paths where conn->lsa_pipe_tcp->transport is NULL.

Samba 4.5.10

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.10
May 24, 2017

This is a security release in order to address the following defect:


All versions of Samba from 3.5.0 onwards are vulnerable to a remote code execution vulnerability, allowing a malicious client to upload a shared library to a writable share, and then cause the server to load and execute it.

Mitigation from Redhat

Any of the following:

  1. SELinux is enabled by default and our default policy prevents loading of modules from outside of samba's module directories and therefore blocks the exploit
  2. Mount the filessytem which is used by samba for its writeable share, using "noexec" option.
  3. Add the parameter:
nt pipe support = no
to the [global] section of your smb.conf and restart smbd. This prevents clients from accessing any named pipe endpoints. Note this can disable some expected functionality for Windows clients.

Changes since 4.5.9:

  • Volker Lendecke <>

Samba 4.5.9

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.9
May 18, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.8:

  • Michael Adam <>
  • BUG #12743: vfs_shadow_copy2 fails to list snapshots from shares with GlusterFS backend.
  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12747: Wrong use of getgroups causes buffer overflow.
  • Hanno Böck <>
  • BUG #12746: lib: debug: Avoid negative array access.
  • BUG #12748: cleanupdb: Fix a memory read error.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #11961: idmap_autorid allocates ids for unknown SIDs from other backends.
  • BUG #12562: vfs_acl_common should force "create mask = 0777".
  • BUG #12565: vfs_fruit: resource fork open request with flags=O_CREAT|O_RDONLY.
  • BUG #12727: Lookup-domain for well-known SIDs on a DC.
  • BUG #12728: winbindd: Fix error handling in rpc_lookup_sids().
  • BUG #12729: winbindd: Trigger possible passdb_dsdb initialisation.
  • BUG #12749: Can't case-rename files with vfs_fruit.
  • BUG #12766: s3/smbd: Update exclusive oplock optimisation to the lease area.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12733: ctdb-docs: Fix documentation of "-n" option to 'ctdb tool'.
  • Shilpa Krishnareddy <>
  • BUG #12756: notify: Fix ordering of events in notifyd.
  • Volker Lendecke <>
  • BUG #12276: lib: Fix CID 1373623 Dereference after null check.
  • BUG #12558: smbd: Fix smb1 findfirst with DFS.
  • BUG #12757: idmap_rfc2307: Fix lookup of more than two SIDs.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12767: samba-tool: Let 'samba-tool user syncpasswords' report deletions immediately.
  • BUG #12725: pam_winbind: no longer use wbcUserPasswordPolicyInfo when authenticating.
  • Doug Nazar <>
  • BUG #12760: s3: smbd: inotify_map_mask_to_filter incorrectly indexes an array.
  • Christof Schmitt <>
  • BUG #12725: winbindd: Fix password policy for pam authentication.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12277: waf: Explicitly link libreplace against
  • Uri Simchoni <>
  • BUG #12737: vfs_acl_xattr - failure to get ACL on Linux if memory is fragmented.

Samba 4.5.8

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.8
March 31, 2017

This is a bug fix release to address a regression introduced by the security fixes for CVE-2017-2619 (Symlink race allows access outside share definition).

Please see BUG #12721 for details.

Changes since 4.5.7:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12721: Fix regression with "follow symlinks = no".

Samba 4.5.7

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.7
March 23, 2017

This is a security release in order to address the following defect: CVE-2017-2619

  • CVE-2017-2619 (Symlink race allows access outside share definition)


All versions of Samba prior to 4.6.1, 4.5.7, 4.4.11 are vulnerable to a malicious client using a symlink race to allow access to areas of the server file system not exported under the share definition.
Samba uses the realpath() system call to ensure when a client requests access to a pathname that it is under the exported share path on the server file system.
Clients that have write access to the exported part of the file system via SMB1 unix extensions or NFS to create symlinks can race the server by renaming a realpath() checked path and then creating a symlink. If the client wins the race it can cause the server to access the new symlink target after the exported share path check has been done. This new symlink target can point to anywhere on the server file system.
This is a difficult race to win, but theoretically possible. Note that the proof of concept code supplied wins the race reliably only when the server is slowed down using the strace utility running on the server. Exploitation of this bug has not been seen in the wild.

Changes since 4.5.6:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • Ralph Boehme <>

Samba 4.5.6

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.6
March 9, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.5:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12499: s3: vfs: dirsort doesn't handle opendir of "." correctly.
  • BUG #12531: vfs_shadow_copy2 doesn't cope with server changing directories.
  • BUG #12546: vfs_streams_xattr doesn't cope with server changing directories.
  • BUG #12572: s3: smbd: Don't loop infinitely on bad-symlink resolution.
  • BUG #12608: s3: smbd: Restart reading the incoming SMB2 fd when the send queue is drained.
  • Andrew Bartlett <>
  • BUG #12573: Samba < 4.7 does not know about compatibleFeatures and requiredFeatures.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12184: s3/rpc_server: Shared rpc modules loading.
  • BUG #12427: vfs_fruit doesn't work with fruit:metadata=stream.
  • BUG #12520: Ensure global "smb encrypt = off" is effective.
  • BUG #12524: s3/rpc_server: move rpc_modules.c to its own subsystem.
  • BUG #12536: s3/smbd: check for invalid access_mask smbd_calculate_access_mask().
  • BUG #12541: vfs_fruit: checks wrong AAPL config state and so always uses readdirattr.
  • BUG #12545: s3/rpc_server/mdssvc: add attribute "kMDItemContentType".
  • BUG #12591: vfs_streams_xattr: use fsp, not base_fsp.
  • BUG #12604: vfs_fruit: Enabling AAPL extensions must be a global switch.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12469: ctdb-tests: Use replace headers instead of system headers.
  • BUG #12547: ctdb-build: Install CTDB tests correctly from toplevel.
  • BUG #12580: ctdb-common: Fix use-after-free error in comm_fd_handler().
  • Volker Lendecke <>
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #9048: s4:ldap_server: Match Windows in the error messages of failing LDAP Bind requests.
  • BUG #11830: s3:winbindd: Try a NETLOGON connection with noauth over NCACN_NP against trusted domains.
  • BUG #12262: 'net ads testjoin' and smb access fails after winbindd changed the trust password.
  • BUG #12399: s4:repl_meta_data: Normalize rdn attribute name via the schema.
  • BUG #12540: s3:smbd: Allow "server min protocol = SMB3_00" to go via "SMB 2.???" negprot.
  • BUG #12581: smbclient fails on bad endianess when listing shares from Solaris kernel SMB server on SPARC.
  • BUG #12585: librpc/rpc: fix regression in NT_STATUS_RPC_ENUM_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE error mapping.
  • BUG #12586: libcli/auth: Use the correct creds value against servers without LogonSamLogonEx.
  • BUG #12587: winbindd child segfaults on connect to an NT4 domain.
  • BUG #12588: cm_prepare_connection may return NT_STATUS_OK without a valid connection.
  • BUG #12598: winbindd (as member) requires Kerberos against trusted ad domain, while it shouldn't.
  • BUG #12605: s3:winbindd: Fix endless forest trust scan.
  • Garming Sam <>
  • BUG #12577: dbcheck-links: Test that dbcheck against one-way links does not error.
  • BUG #12600: dbchecker: Stop ignoring linked cases where both objects are alive.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12571: s3-vfs: Only walk the directory once in open_and_sort_dir().
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12589: ctdb-scripts: Initialise CTDB_NFS_CALLOUT in statd-callout.
  • Uri Simchoni <>

Samba 4.5.5

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.5
January 30, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Samba 4.5.4 erroneously included a rewrite of the vfs_fruit module. This patchset will be reverted with this release, because it needs to pass the review process first. If you are using the vfs_fruit module, please do not use Samba 4.5.4.

Changes since 4.5.4:

  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12469: ctdb-locking: Explicitly unlock record/db in lock helper.
  • Björn Jacke <>
  • BUG #12535: vfs_default: Unlock the right file in copy chunk.
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12512: ctdb-scripts: Fix remaining uses of "ctdb gratiousarp".
  • BUG #12516: /etc/iproute2/rt_tables gets populated with multiple 'default' entries.

Samba 4.5.4

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.4
January 18, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.3:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12460: rename_internals_fsp missing ACL permission-check on destination folder.
  • BUG #12466: lib: security: se_access_check() incorrectly processes owner rights (S-1-3-4) DENY ace entries.
  • BUG #12467: s3: ntlm_auth: Don't corrupt the output stream with debug messages.
  • BUG #12479: s3: libsmb: Add cli_smb2_ftruncate(), plumb into cli_ftruncate().
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12396: s3/smbd: Remove a misleading error message.
  • BUG #12412: vfs_fruit: Fix "fruit:resource" option spelling, but not behaviour.
  • BUG #12485: ctdbd_conn: Fix a resource leak.
  • David Disseldorp <>
  • BUG #12144: smbd/ioctl: match WS2016 ReFS set compression behaviour.
  • Björn Jacke <>
  • BUG #2210: pam: Map more NT password errors to PAM errors.
  • Volker Lendecke <>
  • BUG #12484: winbindd: Use idmap cache in xids2sids.
  • BUG #12509: messaging: Fix dead but not cleaned-up-yet destination sockets.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12480: kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_gensec_bind(KRB5) failed: An internal error occurred (with MIT krb5).
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12183: printing: Fix building with CUPS version older than 1.7.
  • BUG #12441: s3:libads: Include system /etc/krb5.conf if we use MIT Kerberos.
  • Martin Schwenke <>

Samba 4.5.3

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.3
December 19, 2016

This is a security release in order to address the following defects:

  • CVE-2016-2123 (Samba NDR Parsing ndr_pull_dnsp_name Heap-based Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability).
  • CVE-2016-2125 (Unconditional privilege delegation to Kerberos servers in trusted realms).
  • CVE-2016-2126 (Flaws in Kerberos PAC validation can trigger privilege elevation).


The Samba routine ndr_pull_dnsp_name contains an integer wrap problem, leading to an attacker-controlled memory overwrite. ndr_pull_dnsp_name parses data from the Samba Active Directory ldb database. Any user who can write to the dnsRecord attribute over LDAP can trigger this memory corruption.
By default, all authenticated LDAP users can write to the dnsRecord attribute on new DNS objects. This makes the defect a remote privilege escalation.
Samba client code always requests a forwardable ticket when using Kerberos authentication. This means the target server, which must be in the current or trusted domain/realm, is given a valid general purpose Kerberos "Ticket Granting Ticket" (TGT), which can be used to fully impersonate the authenticated user or service.
A remote, authenticated, attacker can cause the winbindd process to crash using a legitimate Kerberos ticket due to incorrect handling of the arcfour-hmac-md5 PAC checksum.
A local service with access to the winbindd privileged pipe can cause winbindd to cache elevated access permissions.

Changes since 4.5.2:

  • Volker Lendecke <>
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>

Samba 4.5.2

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.2
December 07, 2016

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.1:

  • Michael Adam <>
  • BUG #12404: vfs:glusterfs: Preallocate result for glfs_realpath.
  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12384: s3: vfs: Remove files/directories after the streams are deleted.
  • BUG #12387: s3: vfs_streams_depot: Use conn->connectpath not conn->cwd.
  • BUG #12436: s3/smbd: Fix the last resort check that sets the file type attribute.
  • Andrew Bartlett <>
  • BUG #9954: dsdb: Create RID Set as SYSTEM.
  • BUG #12297: dbcheck: Correct message for orphaned backlinks.
  • BUG #12395: build: Fix build with perl on debian sid.
  • BUG #12398: Fix errors in extended operations (like allocating a RID Set).
  • Günther Deschner <>
  • BUG #11197: spoolss: Use correct values for secdesc and devmode pointers.
  • Clive Ferreira <>
  • BUG #12394: objectclass_attrs: Only abort on a missing attribute when an attribute is both MUST and replicated.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12366: provision,dlz-bind: Add support for BIND 9.11.x.
  • BUG #12392: ctdb-locking: Reset real-time priority in lock helper.
  • BUG #12407: ctdb-scripts: Fix calculation of CTDB_BASE.
  • BUG #12434: ctdb-recovery: Avoid NULL dereference in failure case.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #10297: s3:smbd: Only pass UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE to filename_convert() if we may create a new file.
  • Mathieu Parent <>
  • BUG #12371: ctdb-scripts: Fix Debian init in samba eventscript.
  • Garming Sam <>
  • BUG #9954: samba_tool/fsmo: Allocate RID Set when seizing RID manager.
  • BUG #10882: s4-auth: Don't check for NULL saltPrincipal if it doesn't need it.
  • BUG #12297: upgradeprovision: Remove objectCategory from constructed attrs.
  • BUG #12385: collect_tombstones: Allow links to recycled objects to be deleted.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12183: s3-printing: Correctly encode CUPS printer URIs.
  • BUG #12195: s3-printing: Allow printer names longer than 16 chars.
  • BUG #12269: nss_wins: Fix errno values for HOST_NOT_FOUND.
  • BUG #12405: s3-winbind: Do not return NO_MEMORY if we have an empty user list.
  • BUG #12415: s3:spoolss: Add support for COPY_FROM_DIRECTORY in AddPrinterDriverEx.
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12104: ctdb-packaging: Move CTDB tests to /usr/local/share/ctdb/tests/.
  • Uri Simchoni <>
  • BUG #12375: smbd: In ntlm auth, do not map empty domain in case of \user@realm.
  • Ralph Wuerthner <>
  • BUG #12372: ctdb-conn: Add missing variable initialization.

Samba 4.5.1

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.1
October 26, 2016

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Major enhancements in Samba 4.5.1 include:

  • Let winbindd discard expired kerberos tickets when built against (internal) heimdal (BUG #12115BUG #12369).
  • REGRESSION: smbd segfaults on startup, tevent context being freed (BUG #12115BUG #12283).

Changes since 4.5.0:

  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #11259: smbd contacts a domain controller for each session.
  • BUG #12272: Fix messaging subsystem crash.
  • BUG #12283: REGRESSION: smbd segfaults on startup, tevent context being freed.
  • BUG #12381: s3: cldap: cldap_multi_netlogon_send() fails with one bad IPv6 address.
  • BUG #12383: s3: libsmb: Fix cut and paste error using the wrong structure type.
  • Christian Ambach <>
  • BUG #9945: Setting specific logger levels in smb.conf makes 'samba-tool drs showrepl' crash.
  • Andrew Bartlett <>
  • BUG #12382: Tombstone expunge does not remove old links.
  • Björn Baumbach <>
  • BUG #8618: s3-printing: Fix migrate printer code.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12256: s3/smbd: In call_trans2qfilepathinfo call lstat when dealing with posix pathnames.
  • BUG #12261: s3/smbd: Set FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY as necessary.
  • Günther Deschner <>
  • BUG #12285: "DriverVersion" registry backend parsing incorrect in spoolss.
  • David Disseldorp <>
  • BUG 12144: smbd/ioctl: Match WS2016 ReFS get compression behaviour.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12259: ctdb-protocol: Fix marshalling for GET_DB_SEQNUM control request.
  • BUG #12275: ctdb-recovery-helper: Add missing initialisation of ban_credits.
  • BUG #12287: CTDB PID file handling is too weak.
  • Volker Lendecke <>
  • BUG #12045: gencache: Bail out of stabilize if we can not get the allrecord lock.
  • BUG #12268: smbd: Reset O_NONBLOCK on open files.
  • BUG #12283: glusterfs: Avoid tevent_internal.h.
  • BUG #12291: source3/lib/msghdr.c, line 208: syntax error before or at: ;.
  • BUG #12374: spoolss: Fix caching of printername->sharename.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12283: REGRESSION: smbd segfaults on startup, tevent context being freed.
  • BUG #12369: Let winbindd discard expired kerberos tickets when built against (internal) heimdal.
  • Noel Power <>
  • BUG #12298: s3/winbindd: Fix using default domain with format.
  • Christof Schmitt <>
  • BUG #12295: winbind: Fix passing idmap failure from wb_sids2xids back to callers.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12269: nss_wins has incorrect function definitions for gethostbyname*.
  • BUG #12276: s3-lib: Fix %G substitution in AD member environment.
  • BUG #12364: s3-utils: Fix loading smb.conf in smbcquotas.
  • Garming Sam <>
  • BUG #12286: kcc: Don't check schedule if None.
  • BUG #12382: Tombstone expunge does not remove old links.
  • Anoop C S <>
  • BUG #12377: vfs_glusterfs: Fix a memory leak in connect path.
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12254: CTDB IP takeover does not complete if there are no public addresses configured.
  • BUG #12255: ctdb-packaging: Fix systemd network dependency.
  • BUG #12287: CTDB PID file handling is too weak.
  • Uri Simchoni <>
  • BUG #12270: smbcquotas: Fix error message listing quotas.
  • BUG #12273: s3-sysquotas: Correctly restore path when finding mount point.
  • BUG #12115: cliquota: Fix param count when setting fs quota.
  • BUG #12289: smbd: Free talloc context if no quota records are available.
  • BUG #12307: ntquotas: Support "freeing" an empty quota list.

Samba 4.5.0

Release Notes for Samba 4.5.0
September 7, 2016

Release Announcements

This is the first stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.


NTLMv1 authentication disabled by default

In order to improve security we have changed the default value for the "ntlm auth" option from "yes" to "no". This may have impact on very old clients which doesn't support NTLMv2 yet.

The primary user of NTLMv1 is MSCHAPv2 for VPNs and 802.1x.

By default, Samba will only allow NTLMv2 via NTLMSSP now, as we have the following default "lanman auth = no", "ntlm auth = no" and "raw NTLMv2 auth = no".



The ldap server has support for the LDAP_SERVER_NOTIFICATION_OID control. This can be used to monitor the Active Directory database for changes.

KCC improvements for sparse network replication

The Samba KCC will now be the default knowledge consistency checker in Samba AD. Instead of using full mesh replication between every DC, the KCC will set up connections to optimize replication latency and cost (using site links to calculate the routes). This change should allow larger domains to function significantly better in terms of replication traffic and the time spent performing DRS replication.

VLV - Virtual List View

The VLV Control allows applications to page the LDAP directory in the way you might expect a live phone book application to operate, without first downloading the entire directory.

DRS Replication for the AD DC

DRS Replication in Samba 4.5 is now much more efficient in handling linked attributes, particularly in large domains with over 1000 group memberships or other links.

Replication is also much more reliable in the handling of tree renames, such as the rename of an organizational unit containing many users. Extensive tests have been added to ensure this code remains reliable, particularly in the case of conflicts between objects added with the same name on different servers.

Schema updates are also handled much more reliably.

samba-tool drs replicate with new options

'samba-tool drs replicate' got two new options:

  • The option '--local-online' will do the DsReplicaSync() via IRPC to the local dreplsrv service.
  • The option '--async-op' will add DRSUAPI_DRS_ASYNC_OP to the DsReplicaSync(), which won't wait for the replication result.

replPropertyMetaData Changes

During the development of the DRS replication, tests showed that Samba stores the replPropertyMetaData object incorrectly. To address this, be aware that 'dbcheck' will now detect and offer to fix all objects in the domain for this error.

For further information and instructions how to fix the problem, see

Linked attributes on deleted objects

In Active Directory, an object that has been tombstoned or recycled has no linked attributes. However, Samba incorrectly maintained such links, slowing replication and run-time performance. 'dbcheck' now offers to remove such links, and they are no longer kept after the object is tombstoned or recycled.

Improved AD DC performance

Many other improvements have been made to our LDAP database layer in the AD DC, to improve performance, both during 'samba-tool domain provision' and at runtime.

Other dbcheck improvements

  • 'samba-tool dbcheck' can now find and fix a missing or corrupted 'deleted objects' container.
  • BUG #11433: samba-dbcheck no longer offers to resort auxiliary class values in objectClass as these were then re-sorted at the next dbcheck indefinitely.

Tombstone Reanimation

Samba now supports tombstone reanimation, a feature in the AD DC allowing tombstones, that is objects which have been deleted, to be restored with the original SID and GUID still in place.

Multiple DNS Forwarders on the AD DC

Previously, the Samba internal DNS server supported only one DNS forwarder. The "dns forwarder" option has been enhanced and now supports a space-separated list of multiple DNS server IP addresses. As a result, Samba is now able to fall back to alternative DNS servers. In case that a DNS query to the first server timed out, it is sent to the next DNS server listed in the option.

Password quality plugin support in the AD DC

The check password script now operates correctly in the AD DC

pwdLastSet is now correctly honoured

BUG #9654: The pwdLastSet attribute is now correctly handled (this previously permitted passwords that expire next).

net ads dns unregister

It is now possible to remove the DNS entries created with 'net ads register' with the matching 'net ads unregister' command.

samba-tool improvements

Running 'samba-tool' on the command line should now be a lot snappier. The tool now only loads the code specific to the subcommand that you wish to run.

SMB 2.1 Leases enabled by default=

Leasing is an SMB 2.1 (and higher) feature which allows clients to aggressively cache files locally above and beyond the caching allowed by SMB 1 oplocks. This feature was disabled in previous releases, but the SMB2 leasing code is now considered mature and stable enough to be enabled by default.

Open File Description (OFD) Locks

On systems that support them (currently only Linux), the fileserver now uses Open File Description (OFD) locks instead of POSIX locks to implement client byte range locks. As these locks are associated with a specific file descriptor on a file this allows more efficient use when multiple descriptors having file locks are opened onto the same file. An internal tunable "smbd:force process locks = true" may be used to turn off OFD locks if there appear to be problems with them.

Password sync as Active Directory domain controller

The new commands 'samba-tool user getpassword' and 'samba-tool user syncpasswords' provide access and syncing of various password fields.

If compiled with GPGME support (--with-gpgme) it's possible to store cleartext passwords in a PGP/OpenGPG encrypted form by configuring the new "password hash gpg key ids" option. This requires gpgme devel and python packages to be installed (e.g. libgpgme11-dev and python-gpgme on Debian/Ubuntu).

Python crypto requirements

Some samba-tool subcommands require python-crypto and/or python-m2crypto packages to be installed.

SmartCard/PKINIT improvements

'samba-tool user create' accepts --smartcard-required and 'samba-tool user setpassword' accepts "--smartcard-required" and "--clear-smartcard-required".

Specifying "--smartcard-required" results in the UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED flags being set in the userAccountControl attribute. At the same time, the account password is reset to a random NTHASH value.

Interactive password logons are rejected, if the UF_SMARTCARD_REQUIRED bit is set in the userAccountControl attribute of a user.

When doing a PKINIT based Kerberos logon the KDC adds the required PAC_CREDENTIAL_INFO element to the authorization data. That means the NTHASH is shared between the PKINIT based client and the domain controller, which allows the client to do NTLM based authentication on behalf of the user. It also allows an offline logon using a smartcard to work on Windows clients.

CTDB changes

  • New improved 'ctdb tool'
'ctdb tool' has been completely rewritten using new client API.
Usage messages are much improved.
  • Sample CTDB configuration file is installed as ctdbd.conf.
  • The use of real-time scheduling when taking locks has been narrowed to limit potential performance impacts on nodes.
  • CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK now supports specification of an external helper to take and hold the recovery lock.
See the RECOVERY LOCK section in ctdb(7) for details. Documentation for writing helpers is provided in doc/cluster_mutex_helper.txt.
  • "ctdb natgwlist" has been replaced by a top level "ctdb natgw" command that has "master", "list" and "status" subcommands.
  • The 'onnode' command no longer supports the "recmaster", "lvs" and "natgw" node specifications.
  • Faster resetting of TCP connections to public IP addresses during failover.
  • Tunables MaxRedirectCount, ReclockPingPeriod, DeferredRebalanceOnNodeAdd are now obsolete/ignored.
  • "ctdb listvars" now lists all variables, including the first one.
  • "ctdb xpnn", "ctdb rebalanceip" and "ctdb rebalancenode" have been removed.
These are not needed because "ctdb reloadips" should do the correct rebalancing.
  • Output for the following commands has been simplified:
ctdb getdbseqnum
ctdb getdebug
ctdb getmonmode
ctdb getpid
ctdb getreclock
ctdb getpid
ctdb pnn
These now simply print the requested output with no preamble. This means that scripts no longer need to strip part of the output.
"ctdb getreclock" now prints nothing when the recovery lock is not set.
  • Output for the following commands has been improved:
ctdb setdebug
ctdb uptime
  • 'ctdb process-exists' has been updated to only take a PID argument.
The PNN can be specified with -n <PNN>. Output also cleaned up.
  • LVS support has been reworked - related commands and configuration variables have changed
'ctdb lvsmaster' and 'ctdb lvs' have been replaced by a top level
'ctdb lvs' command that has "master", "list" and "status" subcommands.
See the LVS sections in ctdb(7) and ctdbd.conf(5) for details, including configuration changes.
  • Improved sample NFS Ganesha call-out

New shadow_copy2 options


With growing number of snapshots file-systems need some mechanism to differentiate one set of snapshots from other, e.g. monthly, weekly, manual, special events, etc. Therefore, these file-systems provide different ways to tag snapshots, e.g. provide a configurable way to name snapshots, which is not just based on time. With only shadow:format it is very difficult to filter these snapshots. With this optional parameter, one can specify a variable prefix component for names of the snapshot directories in the file-system. If this parameter is set, together with the shadow:format and shadow:delimiter parameters it determines the possible names of snapshot directories in the file-system. The option only supports Basic Regular Expression (BRE).


This optional parameter is used as a delimiter between "shadow:snapprefix" and "shadow:format" This parameter is used only when "shadow:snapprefix" is set.
Default: shadow:delimiter = "_GMT"


"only user" and "username" parameters

These two parameters have long been deprecated and superseded by "valid users" and "invalid users".

smb.conf changes

 Parameter Name                Description             Default
 --------------                -----------             -------
 kccsrv:samba_kcc              Changed default         yes
 ntlm auth                     Changed default         no
 only user                     Removed
 password hash gpg key ids     New
 shadow:snapprefix             New
 shadow:delimiter              New                     _GMT
 smb2 leases                   Changed default         yes
 username                      Removed


While a lot of schema replication bugs were fixed in this release BUG #12204 - Samba fails to replicate schema 69 is still open. The replication fails if more than 133 schema objects are added at the same time.

More open bugs are listed at: Release_Planning_for_Samba_4.5#All_bugs


  • Björn Baumbach <>
  • BUG #12194: idmap_script: fix missing "IDTOSID" argument in scripts command line.
  • Andrew Bartlett <>
  • BUG #12178: samba-tool dbcheck fails to fix replPropertyMetaData.
  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12177: Unexpected synthesized default ACL from vfs_acl_xattr.
  • BUG #12181: vfs_acl_common not setting filesystem permissions anymore.
  • BUG #12184: Loading shared RPC modules failed.
  • Günther Deschner <>
  • BUG #12245: fix _spoolss_GetPrinterDataEx by moving the keyname length check.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #11994: smbclient fails to connect to Azure or Apple share spnego fails with no mechListMIC.
  • Martin Schwenke <>


  • Michael Adam <>
  • BUG #12155: Some idmap backends don't perform range checks for the result of sids_to_xids.
  • Jeremy Allison <>
  • BUG #12115: Endless loop on drsuapi pull replication after schema changes.
  • BUG #12135: net ads gpo refresh can crash with null pointer deref..
  • BUG #12139: Race between break oplock and check for share_mode.
  • BUG #12150: SMB2 snapshot query fails on DFS shares..
  • BUG #12165: smbclient allinfo doesn't correctly return 'previous version' info over SMB1.
  • BUG #12166: smbclient allinfo doesn't correctly return 'previous version' info over SMB2.
  • BUG #12174: error: 'conn' undeclared.
  • Douglas Bagnall <>
  • BUG #12143: misnamed attribute in samba_kcc causes exception in unusual circumstances.
  • BUG #12187: Backport changes for partial attribute set calculation for 4.5.
  • Andrew Bartlett <>
  • BUG #12107: backport backupkey tests.
  • BUG #12115: Endless loop on drsuapi pull replication after schema changes.
  • BUG #12128: Correctly resolve replicated schema changes regarding linked attributes.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12137: Fix printf format non-liternal warnings and printf format errors.
  • BUG #12138: Fix uninitialized timeout in ctdb_pmda.
  • BUG #12151: Drop resurrected ctdb commands in new ctdb tool.
  • BUG #12152: Fix ctdb addip; implementation to match ctdb delip.
  • BUG #12163: Fix missing arguments and format elements in format strings.
  • BUG #12168: Fix format-nonliteral warnings.
  • Stefan Metzmacher <>
  • BUG #12108: Backport selftest/autobuild fixes to v4-5-test.
  • BUG #12114: In memory schema updated on non schema master.
  • BUG #12115: Endless loop on drsuapi pull replication after schema changes.
  • BUG #12128: Correctly resolve replicated schema changes regarding linked attributes.
  • BUG #12129: let samba-tool ldapcmp ignore whenChanged.
  • Garming Sam <>
  • BUG #12187: Backport changes for partial attribute set calculation for 4.5.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • Christof Schmitt <>
  • BUG #12150: SMB2 snapshot query fails on DFS shares..
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • Uri Simchoni <>
  • BUG #12145: smbd: if inherit owner is enabled, the free disk on a folder should take the owner's quota into account.
  • BUG #12149: smbd: cannot load a Windows device driver from a Samba share via SMB2.
  • BUG #12172: a snapshot folder cannot be accessed via SMB1.


  • Ralph Boehme <>
  • BUG #12005: parse_share_modes() chokes on ctdb tombstone record from ltdb.
  • BUG #12105: smbclient connection to not reachable IP eats 100% CPU.
  • Ira Cooper <>
  • BUG #12133: source3/wscript: Add support for disabling vfs_cephfs.
  • Amitay Isaacs <>
  • BUG #12121: ctdb-tools: Fix numerous Coverity IDs and other issues.
  • BUG #12122: If a transaction fails, it should be canceled and transaction handle should be freed.
  • BUG #12134: dbwrap: Fix structure initialization.
  • Marc Muehlfeld <>
  • BUG #12023: man: Fix wrong option for parameter "ldap ssl" in smb.conf man page.
  • Andreas Schneider <>
  • BUG #12104: ctdb-waf: Move ctdb tests to libexec directory.
  • Martin Schwenke <>
  • BUG #12104: ctdb-packaging: Move ctdb tests to libexec directory.
  • BUG #12109: Fixes several CTDB tests.
  • BUG #12110: Fix numerous Coverity IDs.
  • BUG #12113: ctdb-mutex: Avoid corner case where helper is already reparented to init.
  • BUG #12123: Fix ctdb tickle command and update documentation.
  • BUG #12125: CTDB overwrites working configuration due to packaging change.
  • BUG #12126: Fix broken CTDB log messages.