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Fedora Directory Server

Fedora Directory Server has a wiki page on integrating with Samba. See [1]


OpenLDAP is a widely used LDAP server in Linux environments. It can do a lot of things for all sorts of needs. Samba can use it as a storage backend for accounts and mappings from Windows (TM) SIDs to unix UID/GID. OpenLDAP can also be used to controll mail delivery and other things. You can find OpenLDAP at [[2]]

GUI Tools

LAM [3] - A web frontend to maintain accounts for unix and samba in an ldap server
LUMA [4] - LDAP browser, utility and more (Python/QT)
phpldapadmin [5]
Webmin [[6]]
ldapadmin [[7]] - Ldap Admin is free Win32 application for managing LDAP directories.
LDAP Browser \Editor [[8]] - A Java tool. It is quite old, but still usefull (I use it every time I have to implement a new LDAP tree)
GOsa [9] - A general purpose webbased LDAP User- and Groupmanagement Tool. Handles all aspects of samba accounts including mungedDial plus everything commonly related to user and group accounthandling

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