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Samba-Gtk is a set of GTK+ utilities that are Samba frontends.


  • gwcrontab
  • gwsam
  • gregedit
  • gepdump
  • gwsvcctl

Library contents

  • credentials callback using GTK+ widgets
  • integration with GLib main event loop
  • utility functions for showing NTSTATUS and WERROR dialogs
  • binding string generator dialog
  • domain select dialog

Summer of code projects

In 2009, there are two Summer of Code projects extending Samba-Gtk:

In 2010, Sergio Martins worked on improving the existing utilities. His code can be found here:



A recent version of Samba 4 and recent version of GTK+.


  • Calin Crisan <>
  • Guenther Deschner <>
  • Jelmer Vernooij <> (current maintainer)
  • Sergio Martins <>


GNU General Public License v3 or later (same license as Samba 4)