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Samba4 Demonstration Videos

The Samba Team have put together a series of screencast videos demonstrating some of the capabilities of Samba4.

Note that these videos are in the Ogg Theora format. If you want to view these videos on Windows, then you may find these instructions useful

Demo1 : Joining Windows 7 to a Samba domain

This video shows the initial provisioning of a Samba4 domain controller, then a domain join of a Windows7 client as a member of the domain. The Windows7 client is then used to manage the domain via the Active Directory Users and Computers tool

Ogg video: Joining a domain

Demo2 : Group Policy Management

This video shows the setup of Group Policy Object (GPO) management of Windows clients with a Samba4 domain.

Ogg video: Group Policies

Demo3 : Roaming Profiles

This video shows the setup of roaming profiles for Windows clients in a Samba4 domain.

Ogg video: Roaming Profiles

Demo4 : dcpromo

This video shows joining a Windows2008R2 server as an additional domain controller in a Samba domain

Ogg video: dcpromo

Older Videos

This is an older video showing an earlier version of Samba4. It shows a 3 DC setup, including a net vampire join to join a Samba4 DC to an existing Windows domain

Ogg video: old demo