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Test coverage information (regularly updated) can be found here:

Some of the things I'm working on improving:

  • call lcov after each test so we can record which test covers which lines

Areas which need improvements wrt tests:

  • registry
  • wins
  • tls
  • samba3
  • upgrade
  • dsdb
  • client
  • ctdb
  • lib/compression
  • lib/socket/access.c
  • lib/socket_wrapper
  • libcli/dgram
  • nbt_server/dgram
  • rpc_server/drsuapi
  • rpc_server/epmapper
  • rpc_server/remote
  • rpc_server/wkssvc
  • web_server/
  • winbind

Blackbox tests:

  • nmblookup
  • ndrdump

I'd also like to parse what tests have failed and what have succeeded in the build farm, so we can show a summary of what tests fail on the main build farm page.