Samba4/LDAP Backend

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Samba4 requirements for LDAP server Backends

This document attempts to describe some of requirements that a 'general purpose' LDAP server must meet to have Samba4 successfully use it as an LDAP backend.

This is by no means a complete list, but lists things currently known. As the development of this area continues, more requirements will be specified.

Test Infrastructure Requirements


To facilitate testing in our testsuite, we need the LDAP server to either be compiled with our SOCKET_WRAPPER technology, or listen on ldapi:// This just makes running unprivileged testsuites much easier to handle and automate (otherwise, we must run our tests as root).

Foreground process

In attempting to ensure that the LDAP server is not 'left behind' at the conclusion of the tests, it is useful to have the LDAP server stay within the process group of the parent script (ie, not become a deamon). The process group will be terminated if the CPU or wall clock time becomes excessive (trapping run-aways).

LDAP protocol requirements

We test for support for Microsoft's bitwise extended match operations in the testsuite. Microsoft clients use this for operations on the groupType field in particular.