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Plans for fortnight ending 22 May 2010

  • Make client DFS referral support for sysvol go in Master (Matthieu)
  • Develop torture test for DFS (at least for the domain referral part) (Matthieu)
  • Make the whole redesign of upgradeprovision go in Master (Matthieu)
  • Develop more unit tests around upgradeprovision (Matthieu)


Plans for fortnight ending 10 Apr 2010

Plans for fortnight ending 27 Mar 2010


Plans for fortnight ending 13 Mar 2010


Plans for fortnight ending 27 Feb 2010


  • More work to automate the correct setup of BIND for DNS (Andrew)
  • Work with tridge to demonstrate 'waf' as a build system for Samba (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 13 Feb 2010


  • Work with Tridge on Samba HOWTO (Andrew)
  • More work to automate the correct setup of BIND for DNS (Andrew)
  • Improve Samba4 RPC proxy to handle a non-zero if_version (Andrew)
    • This is needed to ensure we proxy the full if_version from an RPC bind to the endpoint mapper and subsequent bind on another RPC server.
    • Add testsuite to ensure the RPC proxy (rpc_server/remote) does not bitrot further.

Plans for fortnight ending 30 January 2010


  • Successful presentation at Sysadmin mini-conf (Andrew)
  • Holiday on South Island of NZ (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 16 January 2010


  • Samba4 Alpha 11 release (Andrew)
  • DRS pair programming with Tridge (Andrew)
  • Preparation for SysAdmin mini-conf presentation

Plans for fortnight ending 2 January 2010


  • DRS pair programming with Tridge (Andrew)
    • Success with replicating with Windows 2008 again (mostly Tridge)
  • Christmas Holidays (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 19 December

  • Password work completed (Matthias)


  • DRS pair programming with Tridge (Andrew)
    • Working on linked attribute replication with AD
    • Rework duplicate code into utility functions

Plans for fortnight ending 5 December

Achieved so far

  • Alpha release (Andrew)
  • Fixed nasty "primaryGroupToken" crash bug (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 21 November

  • Fix up group membership (Andrew)
    • The PAC should not include builtin groups, but the local token must

Plans for fortnight ending 7 November

  • Fix up Binary+DN format DNs after the Vampire sprint. (Andrew)
    • The code developed at the interop event with Microsoft needs some rough edges filed off...

Achieved so far

  • Finished Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
  • Posted implemention of Binary+DN changes, awaiting review (Andrew)
  • Reviewed patches by mdw for const and passwords (Andrew)
  • Reviewed karminim's prefixmap patches (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 23 October

  • Finish Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
    • Merged many of the pre-requisite patches that are required towards

Plans for fortnight ending 9 October

Achieved so far

  • Dynamic creation of partitions (Andrew)
    • Continued work started at plugfest.
  • Reproduced DRS replication (Andrew)
    • i.e., the things tridge achived at the plugfest.
    • Published generalised versions of tridge's helper scripts
  • Pair-programming with Tridge on merging his DRS work (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 26 September

  • Implement clever nTSecurityDescriptor update (Matthieu)
  • Merge Calin's work into Samba-GTK. (Jelmer)
  • Test and Debianize SWAT. (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Merged outstanding patches. (Jelmer)
  • CIFS plugfest (Andrew)
    • Merged to common code parts required for a lmhosts implementation in Samba4
    • Discussions around LDAP and Kerberos backends for Samba4
    • blog article
  • Kerberos Salting
    • Reworked 'join domain' code to always use the python 'set secrets' code
    • This ensures we then set saltPrincipal, which was previously incorrect
  • Microsoft interop (Andrew)
    • Ran Microsoft's LDAP testsuite against Samba4
    • Added objectClass hierarchy restrictions
    • Added allowed RDN restrictions
    • Started 'dynamic partitions' work
    • Don't allow creation of 'isDefunct' objectClasses
    • Add new module to handle 'lazyCommit' control (ignored for now)
    • Handle NULL RDN
    • Merge 'relax' control to allow us to specify objectGUID in provision, but ban their specification normally
    • Learnt how the online interop environment will be set up
      • Should allow us to run the tests remotely.
    • Assistance where required for the DRS replication challenge tridge was running

Plans for fortnight ending 12 September

  • Demonstrate Samba<->Samba replication over DRS (Andrew, tridge)
  • Finally import LDB index patches
  • More work on the SAMLDB module (Matthias)

Achieved so far

  • Worked with tridge to: (Andrew)
    • Add support for linked attribute replication over DRS
    • Fix LDB to be more robust in handling errors in callback-based modules
    • Fix failures on older python installs for the 'dcerpc' tests
    • Rework LDB and Samba4's modules to correctly handle two-stage commits
  • Investigated LDB index performance and proposed patches to fix it
  • Implement correct behavior with supportedEnc field in GetDomainInfo rpc (Matthieu)
  • Refactor rebuildextendeddn so it can be integrated in main repo (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 29 August

  • Finish basic functions for update script (ie. allow updating at least the schema and adding simple objects) (Matthieu)
  • Push to the central repo (Matthieu)
  • Return full ctr6 structure in dcesrv_drsuapi_DsGetNCChanges (Anatoliy)
  • Start digging in linked attributes (Anatoliy)
  • Test case for "urgent replication" (Kamen)
  • Test case for DsGetNCChanges() (Kamen)

Achieved so far

  • Explanation of Zahari's ACL problem (Andrew)
  • Add and improve ldb python wrappers to assist test and conversion script development (Andrew)
  • Fix 'show_deleted' module not to linearise the search filter (should improve performance) (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 15 August

  • Really start working on a tool for provision update (mainly due to schema update) (Matthieu)
  • Investigate and fix issues with Windows 2008 and Samba4 (as a Windows 2008 level DC) (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Review of Matthias's 'Computer information in AD' patch (Andrew)
    • Matthias was finally able to merge his patch!
  • More questions to Microsoft (AES key use) (Andrew)
  • Create a script ( to (re)build extended, usefull for upgrading a long time running setup (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 1 August

  • Continue investigation on bug 6273 (unable to access windows 2008 share from XP/Samba4) (Matthieu)
  • Start working on a tool for provision update (mainly due to schema update) (Matthieu)
  • Display specifiers (Andrew, Matthias)
  • Prepare for an alpha with vampire capability (Andrew)
  • Add flag to ldb to force canonical form (Andrew)
  • Investigate file server bugs (Andrew)
  • Investigate domain trusts again (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Computer informations in AD (Matthias)
  • Nested groups (Matthias)
  • Forwarded question to Microsoft for their comment in Windows 2008 access issue (Andrew)
  • Review of Matthias's 'Computer information in AD' patch (Andrew)
  • Fixed Zahari's segfault in his python wrapper for libnet_ChangePassword (Andrew)
  • Implemented 'net export keytab' to extract a keytab from a Samba4 DC (Andrew)
  • Fixed a number of trivial failures in Samba4's 'make test' (Andrew)
    • This should make real bugs easier to see
  • Fix provision on FreeBSD (Andrew)
  • Find core problem for bug 6273, proposed a patch (Matthieu)

Plans for fortnight ending 18 July

  • Prepare for an alpha with vampire capability (Andrew)
  • Add flag to ldb to force canonical form (Andrew)
    • This is things such as making large 32 bit integers negative, sids always to binary etc
  • Research possibilities how to use Kerberos from within Python code (Zahari)
  • Catch up with Andrew Tridgell on replication (Anatoliy, Kamen)
  • Communicate with Microsoft to establish the correct nTSecurityDescriptors for the partitions in a clean installation, how is the defaultSecurityDescriptor used, how the default DACL of a security token is created, and the function of the extended rights (Nadya)
  • Finish debugging the descriptor inheritance (Nadya)
  • Define tests for descriptor inheritance to be added to unit tests (Nadya)
  • Improve Netlogon dissector in order to drill down on bugs 6272 and 6273 (Matthieu)
  • Investigate the problems with Windows 2008 as a SMB client for Windows XP bug 6272 (Matthieu)

Achieved so far

  • Found the problem for bug 6272, issued a patch that should be integrated by Heimdal (Matthieu)
  • Netlogon dissector of wireshark is now able to decrypt schannel encrypted dialogs, patch sent to samba-technical for comments (Matthieu)
  • Found and fixed python and ldb/talloc issues shown up by nTsecurityDescriptor test by Zahari (Andrew)
  • Fixed Windows7 Join against Samba4 (Andrew)
    • It was failing for the 'add' case.
  • Finalize schemaUpdateNow patch and test(Anatoliy)
    • It does not break possibleInferiors test and the schema update is ok now
    • We should focus on schema consistency checker at some point
  • Make Samba4 report Windows 2008 functional level by default (Andrew)
  • Update to current Heimdal again (as patches have been accepted) (Andrew)
  • Sort out issues with various tests (schemaUpdateNow etc) and get outstanding patches applied (Andrew)
  • Working with community to finally integrate the MS-SNTP signing of NTP replies (Andrew)
  • Discussions with Microsoft to get 'Display specifiers' released under an acceptable licence (Andrew)
    • This should allow an import into Samba4

Plans for fortnight ending 4 July

  • Sort out nTsecurityDescriptor problems from Zahari (Andrew)
  • Work with summer of code students (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Worked with tridge to show DRS replication from windows works again (Andrew)
  • Applied patch queue from Matthias (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 20 June

  • Improve automated setup of OpenLDAP backend (Andrew)
  • Finish subunit separation (Jelmer)
  • Maybe WMI..

Achieved so far

  • Samba4 alpha (Andrew)
  • Heimdal merge (Andrew)
  • Fixing Python rpcecho test and Python ldb test
  • Work with Don Davis on Samba4's Kerberos lib requirements (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 6 June

  • rpcecho.python test (Jelmer)
  • Attempt Heimdal merge (Andrew)
  • More work on Kerberos requirements (Andrew)

Achived so far

  • Documentation of Kerberos requirements (in particular requiremnts that a MIT Kerberos swich would require) (Andrew with Don Davis)
  • Fix SAMR tests (Andrew)
  • Fix build with older libnet on Fedora 10
  • LDB performance issues with many users (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Unique indexes in LDB (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Fixed one-level indexes in LDB (Andrew and Tridge)
  • Worked with Howard Chu to chase down nasty crash bugs in OpenLDAP under Samba4's 'make test'

Plans for fortnight ending 23 May

  • Rework Samba4 DC to support only one realm at a time (Andrew)
    • This is not related to trusted domains, but to how we look at our database
  • Fix krbtgt expiry causing kpasswd account to be disabled (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • 'make test' failures with OpenLDAP backend (Andrew)
    • Reproduced on current code
    • Fedora 11 VM prepared and supplied to Howard Chu for further investigation
  • str_list code (Andrew)
    • str_list_make_v3 added to Samba3 while I was away
    • Investigate why this 'v3' version is required
    • Add unit tests for all aspects of 'common' str_list behaviour
    • Attempt (but not committed) to re-merge all the str_list code

Plans for fortnight ending 9 May

Achieved so far

  • Documentation build system improvements (Jelmer)
    • Changed the docs build system to use dblatex rather than db2latex
    • Remove cruft from docs

Plans for fortnight ending 25 April

  • SambaXP conference
    • Samba4 status report presentation
    • Samba4 and Microsoft presentation

Achieved so far

  • libcli/auth merge (without ldb and Samba3 server-side components) (Andrew)
  • Fix RPC python tests (Andrew, Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 11 April

Achieved so far

  • Use Full WSPP Microsoft schema in Samba4 (Andrew and Tridge)
    • Required a lot of work to make ldb more efficient with a full set of schema
    • Create and test possibleInferiors attribute for AD schema
    • Integrate work by Sreepathi Pai to convert the WSPP schema into LDIF for the provision
  • Prepare merge of charcnv code
    • Required cutting down patch from all code to just sharing a common API

Plans for fortnight ending 28 March

  • Improve the implementation of netr_DsRGetDCNameEx2 (Andrew)
  • Include full AD schema when permitted by Microsoft to do so (Andrew)
  • libcli/auth merge between Samba3 and Samba4 (Andrew)
  • charcvn merge between Samba3 and Samba4 (Andrew)
  • libregistry merge (Jelmer)
  • Samba3 DCE/RPC async (Jelmer)
  • WMI (Jelmer)
  • Fix kpasswd when the krbtgt account has expired (Andrew)

Achived so far

  • Pair programming of restoring minschema to operation
  • Implementation (with Tridge) of UID handling for recursion to a new event context in the VFS layer (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 14 March

  • Improve the implementation of netr_DsRGetDCNameEx2 (Andrew)
  • Include full AD schema when permitted by Microsoft to do so (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Proposal for fixes for the 'wrong UID' problem with recursion to a new event context in the VFS layer
  • Improve performance of Samba will a full schema (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 27 February

Achieved so far

  • Release of alpha7 (Andrew)
  • Work on the trusted domains and IPA proposal (Andrew)
  • Remove dependency of GENSEC on the Samba4 auth subsystem (Andrew)
  • Travel plans for SambaXP (Andrew)
  • Work with Microsoft on importing the full AD schema

Plans for fortnight ending 13 February

  • Prepare alpha7
  • Prepare proposal for linking IPA with AD via Samba4 (Andrew)
  • Windows7 join to Samba4
    • Work to add the AES schannel type
    • Fix Samba4 to accept Windows 7 joins

Achieved so far

Plans for fortnight ending 24 January

  • More work reintegrating WMI (Jelmer)
  • Finish full epmapper implementation (Jelmer)
  • Fix random failures of samba4.ldb.python tests (Jelmer)
  • Use subunit in submissions to the buildfarm (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Alpha 6 ! (Andrew, Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 10 January

Plans for fortnight ending 27 December 2008

  • Trusted domains (Andrew)
    • Reproduce metze's sucess trusting a Win2k3 domain
    • Reproduce metze's issue being trusted by a Samba3 domain
  • Make preperations for a alpha release
    • Fixing build farm failures (Andrew and Jelmer)
    • Testing a 'real' deployment (Andrew)
    • Write release notes (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • Pushed into the master branch
  • Shared object files for gen_ndr files between Samba 3 and Samba 4 (Jelmer)
  • rewrote SWIG-based Python modules in manual C (Jelmer)
  • made Samba 4 in merged build use shared libraries when possible (Jelmer)
  • fixed several issues building the standalone libraries (Jelmer)
  • prepared Debian package of tevents and packaged new versions of talloc, tdb and ldb (Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 13 December 2008

Achieved so far

  • Added interactive mode to setup/provision (Jelmer)
  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • Published final patch to list for review
  • Use Microsoft's full AD Schema in Samba4 (Andrew)
    • Conversion script taken on by Sreepathi Pai
    • Working with Microsoft to correct errors in the schema

Plans for fortnight ending 29 November 2008

Archived so far

  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • continued work on implementation and testing

Plans for fortnight ending 15 November 2008

  • Research to check about transitive trusts between AD and MIT realms (Andrew)
  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • Needed for Samba3 domain members in a Samba4 domain.
  • Make a Samba4 release
    • Needed for OpenChange, and to give users a solid alpha to test

Achieved so far

  • Increase to tridge's blood pressure (Andrew)
    • Tridge and I worked to learn python and start an 'upgrade_samba4' script to assist users who have to re-provision but do not wish to loose data.
  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • Posted initial implementation to mailing list for comment

Plans for fortnight ending 1 November 2008

  • Finish 'unicode' password issues with integration of new charset (Andrew)
    • The character set conversion needs to change invalid sequences to a known 'bad' value
  • Proper Extended DN support (Andrew)
    • Needed for Samba3 domain members in a Samba4 domain.
  • Unique Index support (Andrew)
    • Needed to ensure we don't have more than one 'Administrator' in a domain (for example)
  • Allow registration in endpoint mapper (Jelmer)
  • ncacn_http (Jelmer)
  • Research to check about transitive trusts between AD and MIT realms (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Fix kpasswd server to not 'exit(10)' the whole of Samba (Andrew)
    • Found by Apple at the CIFS plugfest
  • Reconciled more library code between Samba 3 and 4 (Jelmer)
    • lib/util
    • librpc/gen_ndr
    • librpc/ndr
  • Repel pstring to nsswitch/ (Jelmer)
  • Move crypt() replacement to libreplace (Jelmer)
  • Enable merged-build automatically in developer builds (Jelmer)
  • Merged Matthias' registry server improvements (Jelmer)
  • Split up selftest code into a Samba4-specific and a generic part (Jelmer)
  • Fix blackbox tests on IPv6-only hosts (Jelmer)
  • Blog posting about interopability with Microsoft (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 18 October 2008

  • Use separate structure for gensec settings (Jelmer)
  • Share DEBUG() code between Samba 3 and Samba 4 (Jelmer)
    • In preparation of merging my libutil-share branch
  • More work getting WMI back to work (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Implement a 'unicode' password pass-down mechanism in LDB
    • This fixes domain trust problems where member servers select a compleatly random password
    • We still need to fix this for kerberos hash types (awating charset work by tridge)

Plans for fortnight ending 4 October 2008

  • Implement a 'unicode' password pass-down mechanism in LDB, or otherwise avoid UCS2 -> UTF8 -> UCS2 problems
  • Trusted domain support (LSA and KDC portions) (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Separate out and add tests for Subunit (Jelmer)
  • Remove global_loadparm use in a couple more places (Jelmer)
  • Restructure some of the installation bits together with Matthias (Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 20 september 2008

  • wmi integration (Jelmer)
  • hdb_samba4 (Jelmer)
  • eliminate last EJS (minschema.js, samba3sam.js (Jelmer))
  • Trusted domain support (LSA and KDC portions) (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Committed merged build patch to Samba 3 (Jelmer)
  • Made Samba 3 and Samba 4 use the same copy of tdb, talloc, compression, replace, nss_wrapper, socket_wrapper, popt (Jelmer)
  • Committed WMI support to the repository (doesn't compile completely yet though) (Jelmer)
  • Fixed samba3sam.js and removed remaining JavaScript support. (Jelmer)
  • Implemented WSGI standard ( support in web_server.

Plans for fortnight ending 6 september 2008

  • wmi integration (Jelmer)
  • upload samba-gtk into Debian (Jelmer)
  • hdb_samba4 (Jelmer)
  • send out patch for merged franky build (Jelmer)
  • Use franky build for personal Samba4 development (Andrew)
  • eliminate last EJS (minschema.js, samba3sam.js (Jelmer))
  • Trusted domain support (LSA and KDC portions) (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Update NTP patch (Andrew)
  • Respond to comments and suggestions on RPMs for Fedora (Andrew)
  • (partial) Trusted domain support (LSA and KDC portions) (Andrew)
  • PAC Verification support over NETLOGON (Andrew)
  • Sent out franky merged build patch, more prerequisites fixed for Franky (Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 23 august 2008

Achieved so far

  • slacking off (Jelmer)
  • Lots of questions to Microsoft on trusted domains and PAC validation (Andrew)
  • Build indexes and attributes directly from the schema, not a hard-coded list (Andrew)
  • Generate the cn=Aggregate schema in Samba4, rather than in minschema.js
    • This prepares us for adding arbitrary schema into Samba4
  • Integrate patches for multi-master OpenLDAP configuration (Andrew)
    • This allows a Samba4 provision-backend to create a multi-master backend, without hand-manipulation by the admin
  • Start of work on trusted domains
    • In our KDC, start with a special case for handling the trusted domains principals
    • In the drsblobs.idl, parse the trustAuthIncoming and trustAuthOutgoing blobs

Plans for fortnight ending 9 August 2008

  • Fix AES compatability with Windows 2008/Vista. (Andrew)
    • It turns out that Metze was starting to chase the same bug
    • The fix is to implement gss_wrap_ex() - ie AEAD, the signing of headers in DCE/RPC packets.
    • Earlier 'use Heimdal for SPNEGO' work is forming a very useful basis for this work
  • Look at smartcard login again (Andrew)
    • Bugs in Dogtag have been allegedly fixed.
  • Trusted domains (Andrew)
    • Add support for trusted domains in our KDC

Achieved so far

Plans for fortnight ending 26 July 2008

Achieved so far

  • Fix LDAP backend to be secure (not anonymous access) (Andrew)
  • Partially Fix vista join bugs due to AES and GSSAPI CFX (Andrew with Tridge)
    • Session keys for smb signing are original length (ie, 32 in this case)
    • Session keys for SAMR encryption are 16 (ie, truncated)
    • Still need to fix GSSAPI encryption for the AES case (it uses AEAD, as seen in NTLM2)
  • Phone calls with Microsoft (Andrew)
    • I now have a regular phone hookup with Microsoft to go over pending issues in the WSPP process
  • Fix 'file not found' errors from clients (Andrew with Tridge)
    • Due to an uninitialised variable, introduced in some recent SMB2 work
    • shows up on systems with extended attributes (typically those using SeLinux, such as Fedora)
    • Perhaps a good reason to push out a new alpha soon

Plans for fortnight ending 12 July 2008

  • wmi integration (Jelmer)
  • upload openchange and samba-gtk into Debian (Jelmer)
  • hdb_samba4 (Jelmer)
  • eliminate last EJS (minschema.js, samba3sam.js)
  • Improve LDAP backend from a technology preview to a deployable system (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Continue packaging of OpenChange and Samba4 for Fedora
  • Start work on smart card login (Andrew)
    • Including setting up DogTag certificate system (Andrew)
    • At least to the stage of the first crashes...
  • Rework schema handling to know about auxillary classes (Andrew)
    • Try to do this in common between ad2OLschema and the kludge_acl and objectclass modules.

Plans for fortnight ending 28 June 2008

  • external Heimdal use (Andrew)


  • Created Samba 4 and OpenChange RPM packages (Andrew)
  • test TEST_LDAP=yes (Andrew)
  • Fixed Franky build for odd make versions (Jelmer)

Plans for fortnight ending 14 June 2008

  • Linked attributes for 'net vampire' (Andrew)
  • AES Key support (check with docs and Win2008 on format) in samdb (Andrew)
  • Work to make ldb merge easier for Simo (andrew)
  • Any work required to merge NTP patch with distribution (Andrew)
  • Work with alpha testers on any issues that come up in production deployments of Samba4 (Andrew)

Achieved so far

  • Samba4 alpha4 release (andrew)
    • without LDB merge, which seems a while off yet
  • Sync test with it's (now obsolete) ldap.js predecessor (andrew)
  • Add python bindings for NetBIOS (Jelmer)
  • Improve portability of Franky build (Jelmer)
  • Asked Microsoft about AES key formats (Andrew)
    • Just getting the data from Win2008 failed due to other reasons
  • Continued the battle with Microsoft over NTP documentation (Andrew)
  • Worked on package of Heimdal for Fedora (Andrew)
    • As a preview to packaging Samba4 for Fedora

Plans for fortnight ending 31 May 2008

  • Linked attributes for 'net vampire' (andrew)
  • Make a Samba 4.0 alpha4 release if the ldb branch gets merged (Jelmer)

Achieved so far

  • Implement NTP signing (andrew)
  • Finish CLDAP and NBT netlogon parsing. (Andrew)
    • Including expected value tests (critical to ensuring we return the *right* answer)
    • This should help things like Group Policy, which rely on this 'DC ping' functionality
  • Merge Simo's ldb branch with current v4-0-test (abartlet)
    • Should make Simo's merge task easier.
  • Removed smbpython and restructured Python modules hierarchy to not clutter Python namespace (Jelmer)
  • Merged improvements made by Wilco and Jelmer to the registry during SambaXP (Jelmer)
  • Added documentation to most Python modules and improved descriptions. (Jelmer)
  • Fixed memory bug in autogenerated DCE/RPC Python bindings (Jelmer)
  • Several test infrastructure improvements. (Jelmer)
    • Print full test path for easy inclusion in knownfail lists
    • Make test case name part of test name to allow a test to have different results against different test cases
    • Set PYTHONPATH during test runs
  • Removed unused old EJS DCE/RPC bindings and testscripts (Jelmer)
  • Make it easier to use various libraries externally without including all of Samba 4's build system (Jelmer)
  • Updated Samba 4, OpenChange and Samba-Gtk Debian packages, now passes lintian. (Jelmer)
  • Added Python bindings for IRPC / Messaging interfaces (Jelmer)
    • Rewrote smbstatus in Python
  • Added mechanism for doing "raw" DCE/RPC requests from Python (Jelmer)
    • Also initial work on a script that should attempt to figure out IDL by probing
  • Exposed more DCE/RPC internals from Python bindings (Jelmer)
  • Initial work on WSGI implementation in web_server/ (Jelmer)
  • Added combined buildsystem for Franky

Plans for fortnight ending 17 May 2008

  • Fix our CLDAP netlogon processing to match description in [MS-ADTS] 7.3.3 (andrew)
    • Use this to fix and test group policy handling on Win2000 and WinXP clients

Achieved so far

  • Partial security=server implementation, awaiting VFS proxy merge for testing (Andrew)
  • Removed a large number of dead build farm hosts in response to automated mails (Andrew)
  • Brought back old (D)COM code and made it compile again (Jelmer)
  • Merged GNU make branch (Jelmer)
    • Now allows using system Python with Samba Python modules
  • Finished Samba 4 Debian package together with Christian (Jelmer)
  • Updated Debian packages for OpenChange and Samba-Gtk (Jelmer)
  • Most of the parsing work towards the CLDAP/NBT netlogon consolidation (Andrew)

Plans for fortnight ending 3 May 2008

  • Build Farm improvements
    • See if we can use SQLite to get a bit more done
    • make build farm summary page use sqlite
    • host list, by last reported time
    • last reported time on host individual page
  • Finish security=server re-implementation in Samba4
  • Finish ncacn_http implementation

Achieved so far

  • Very useful Visit to Sam's home company for 2 days
    • Chat with principals to encourage them
    • Jelmer prepared WAFS branch for merging
      • Looks like further development will be upstream, which is great
    • Jelmer did some initial work on tests for proxy code
    • Andrew Started work on 'security=server' re-implementation for Samba4
      • This will allow WAFS to hijack an unsigned connection as a man in the middle attack.
    • Andrew fixed 'make test' to fail if PIDL tests fail
  • Build Farm
    • make build farm send e-mails to dead hosts (based on SQLite database)

Achievements for fortnight ending ending 19 April 2008


  • Successfully gave 3 presentations
    • Samba4 status report (Both)
    • Samba4 and the LDAP backend / Little barber shop of horrors (Andrew)
    • RPC Scripting using Python (Jelmer)
  • Worked with Sam Liddicott
    • He has implemented the start of a WAFS (latency reducing) proxy for Samba4
    • Organised to visit his companies office
  • Improved code coverage to give better 'headline' figure for presentation (Andrew)
    • Working with Kai's winbind work to run metze's structure based tests
    • Kai worked on blackbox tests
    • Required fixing up parts of winbind (untested code is broken code, Andrew)
  • Fixed bugs in Pidl reported by Volker (Jelmer)
  • Added knownfailure support in test code (Jelmer)
  • Split out policy library into separate git repository (Jelmer)
  • Worked with Wilco on more registry tests (Jelmer)
  • Fixed several Python usability bits (Jelmer)
  • Fixed duplication in blackbox tests (Jelmer)
  • Initial work on ncacn_http support (Jelmer)
  • Discussions with Guenther, Michael about reconciling registry, libsmbdotconf and smbdotconf in Samba 3 and 4 (Jelmer)