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Samba 3 is the current stable production version of Samba.

Samba 3 Features

  • Stable, scalable File and Print server
  • Windows NT and AD domain member

Samba 3 Roadmap

This is a compilation of things that we want to achieve in future versions of Samba 3.

  • Easier configurability, more than 300 options in the smb.conf configuration file are way too many
  • Internal restructuring to make contributions easier. We have come a long way in this respect since Samba 3.0 days, but we need to improve a lot.
  • Share technology with Samba 4. For example almost all RPC code in Samba 3.2 is converted to IDL using the PIDL compiler from Samba 4
  • Implement 100% of NTFS semantics as seen by clients:
    • NTFS Alternate Data Streams support: This is done in Samba 3.2 with the streams_xattr and streams_depot modules, testing and ideas for different coding schemes for streams are welcome
    • Windows-compatible ACLs: On [1] Volker Lendecke has started coding in this area, help is welcome.
    • Encrypted File System: This is a completely new area, but now that the Microsoft protocol documentation is available via [2], it should be possible to implement

Compiling Samba 3

Samba has a number of build-time configuration options. These control options and features that can be useful in specific environments but might not be appropriate for all installations.