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SWAT2 is a Python frontend to Samba 4, originally written by Ricardo Velhote.



  • Samba4 (in particular, the Samba 4 Python bindings)
  • pylons
  • authkit module ("easy_install authkit") on RHEL based distros


There are three ways in which you can run SWAT. Pick one:


Use paster:

 $ paster serve development.ini 

From Samba

First, install SWAT or make sure it is available in the Samba server's Python path:

 $ ./setup.py install

Make sure that Samba is running the web service by adding the following line to the *[global]* section of the smb.conf file:

 $ server services = +web

SWAT will now be available at http://localhost:901/.

From Apache