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This page describes the bigger next steps in the development of Samba. It is not named roadmap since it does presently not provide a timeline. The purpose is to point out the broader direction into which Samba is heading.

DCERPC infrastructure

  • See DCERPC for details
  • Reconsile source3 source4 server and client implementations
  • Make RPC server (and client) implementation fully asynchronuous

Active Directory Server

Trust support

A lot of DCE/RPC work needs to be done before we can really finish this task.

  • async schannel (NETLOGON) client (Metze)
  • merged crypto handling for samlogon cred validation (Günther/Metze)
  • merged libnetjoin interfaces (Günther/Metze)
  • DCE/RPC client API changes (Günther/Metze)
    • tevent based async infrastructure (new services: witness, replication, snapshot, PAR)
    • client context (get rid of lp_ usage and globals for client details)
    • association group implementation
  • DCE/RPC server API merge and cleanup
  • See DCERPC

Abstract data model

We might want to implement the abstract data model as outlined in MS-ADPS and other specs. This would allow to abstract the existing interfaces (dsdb/passdb) which both are not the best match for trust handling. Once we have that, and we have the common DCE/RPC infrastructure, we can easily plug implementations for trusts (e.g. from s3) into s4 (and vice-versa).


  • We need to find a way to setup multi-trust environments during make test to test more compelx scenarios (e.g. the forst trust test from Sumit Bose).
  • We need to test trust calls on MEMBER and DC configurations.


  • Samba4 lacks support for some LSA and Netlogon calls related to trusts, some of them exist in s3 some are in my master-netlogon branch.

File Server (smbd)



  • See Samba3/SMB2#SMB_3.0
  • multi-channel
  • persistent file handles
  • witness notification protocol
    • asynchronous RPC server. See DCERPC
  • RDMA (SMB direct)
  • directory leases
  • clustering
    • continuously available shares, scale-out shares

Clustering - CTDB

  • integrate CTDB master into samba master:
    • integrate the code under ctdb/ - DONE
    • integrate the build into the top level waf build - WIP (Amitay)
    • integrate the clustered file server into selftest/autobuild - WIP (Obnox)