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This page describes the bigger next steps in the development of Samba. It is not named roadmap since it does presently not provide a timeline. The purpose is to point out the broader direction into which Samba is heading.

Active Directory Server

  • sysvol replication (file system replication)
    • FRS / DFSR
  • trust relationships
    • use source3/winbindd in AD server
    • subdomains
    • forest trusts
  • MIT Kerberos support in AD server
  • OpenLDAP support in AD server

File Server (smbd)


  • SMB2 leases


  • multi-channel
  • persistent file handles
  • witness notification protocol
    • asynchronous RPC server
  • RDMA (SMB direct)
  • directory leases
  • clustering
    • continuously available shares, scale-out shares


  • integrate CTDB master into samba master