Release Planning for Samba 4.7

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Samba 4.7 is the new Upcoming Release Series.

Release blocking bugs

Samba 4.7.0

(Updated 05-May-2017)

  • Tuesday, September 5 2017 - Planned release date for Samba 4.7.0.

Samba 4.7.0rc5

(Updated 29-August-2017)

  • Tuesday, August 29 2017 - Samba 4.7.0rc5 has been released.
 Release Notes Samba 4.7.0rc5

Samba 4.7.0rc4

(Updated 15-August-2017)

  • Tuesday, August 15 2017 - Samba 4.7.0rc4 has been released.
 Release Notes Samba 4.7.0rc4

Samba 4.7.0rc3

(Updated 25-July-2017)

  • Tuesday, July 25 2017 - Samba 4.7.0rc3 has been released.
 Release Notes Samba 4.7.0rc3

Samba 4.7.0rc2

(Updated 13-July-2017)

  • Wednesday, July 12 2017 - Samba 4.7.0rc2 has been released a Security Release in order to address CVE-2017-11103 (Orpheus' Lyre mutual authentication validation bypass).
 Release Notes Samba 4.7.0rc2

Samba 4.7.0rc1

(Updated 13-July-2017)

  • Tuesday, July 4 2017 - Samba 4.7.0rc1 has been released
 Release Notes Samba 4.7.0rc1