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Samba 4.14 is the [[Samba_Release_Planning#Upcoming_Release|'''new Upcoming release branch''']].
Samba 4.14 is the [[Samba_Release_Planning#Current_Stable_Release|'''current stable release series''']].

==[[Blocker bugs|Release blocking bugs]]==
==[[Blocker bugs|Release blocking bugs]]==

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Samba 4.14 is the current stable release series.

Release blocking bugs

Samba 4.14.0

(Updated 09-March-2021)

 Release Notes Samba 4.14.0

Samba 4.14.0rc4

(Updated 01-March-2021)

Samba 4.14.0rc3

(Updated 18-February-2021)

Samba 4.14.0rc2

(Updated 04-February-2021)

Samba 4.14.0rc1

(Updated 21-January-2021)