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#REDIRECT [[Winreg]]
= Registry Secrets =

== REG_LINK ==

The MSDN docs describes REG_LINK as: "A null-terminated Unicode string that contains the target path of a symbolic link that was created by calling the RegCreateKeyEx function with REG_OPTION_CREATE_LINK."

Here’s the part that is not documented:

You have to set a special value called "SymbolicLinkValue" of type REG_LINK in the symbolic link key. The data associated with this special value is the target registry key to link to. The target registry key needs to be in kernel-mode registry syntax.

User-mode keys converted to kernel-mode:

* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is converted to \\registry\machine.
* HKEY_USERS is converted to \\registry\user.
* HKEY_CURRENT_USER is converted to \\registry\user\user_sid, where user_sid is the Security ID associated with the user.
* HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT is converted to \\registry\machine\software\classes.

== Registry links ==


SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers


SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet -> SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001
SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet001\\Control\\Print\\Printers -> SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Print\\Printers

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