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Linux / Microsoft Interoperability Day: Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One part of the system administrator's job falls under both necessary daily routine and mysterious black art: connecting your Microsoft systems to your open source ones. In this community day, participants will blast aside the shadows of FUD, inflated claims, and complexity, and learn to make Microsoft Windows and open source play nicely -- from simple, fast file sharing up to a standards-based single sign-on environment.

Interoperability Day brings in both leading software developers and the sysadmins and CIOs who are making interoperability happen.

  • Directory server strategies for reliable mixed environments on a budget
  • Samba security, configuration, and performance tuning for Windows Vista and Windows 7 clients
  • Relax, it works out of the box: useful tools you already have on any up-to-date Linux.
  • Real-world Q&A: bring your toughest interoperability problem.

Draft Schedule

Time Speaker Topic
9:30-10:00 organizers Welcome and approve schedule
10:00-10:50 Jeremy Allison Native Windows ACLs in Samba 3
12:30-1:30 n/a Lunch
4:00-5:00 All Interoperability Q and A

(this event is an unconference, so we will set the final schedule at the event itself.)


Event Scheduling

Held immediately before OpenSource World: <http://www.opensourceworld.com/> at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.