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'''Opening Windows to a Wider World'''

Samba is an [ Open Source] / [ Free Software] suite that has, [ since 1992], provided file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Samba is freely available under the [ GNU General Public License].

The Samba project is a member of the [ Software Freedom Conservancy].

== Samba Wiki for Developers ==

Internal design docs, API descriptions, TODOs, etc. for '''developers'''.


*[[TODOs for 3.0.25]]
*[[Clustered Samba]]
*[[Using Bazaar for Samba Development|Using Bazaar for Samba Development]]
*[[Samba3/libndr|libndr integration status]]
*[[UNIX Extensions]]
*[[Bugzilla Day]]



== '''Samba Wiki for Users''' ==

Please participate in the wiki experience to promote an alternative reference for things that aren't required or universally necessary to be in the official samba documentation.

===[[:Category:Category Configuration|Configuration]]===

*[[Event Logging]]
*[[Samba as a print server]]
*[[Multiple Server Instances]]
*[[Shadow Copies with Snapshots]]
*[[Replicated Failover Domain Controller and file server using LDAP]]

===[[:Category:Category Documentation|Documentation]]===

*[[Samba Features added/changed (by release)]]
*[[Documentation Links]]
*[[Event Logging]]

===[[:Category:Category FAQ|FAQ]]===

*[[Frequently Asked Questions]]
*[[Samba Myths]]
*[[Samba Troubleshooting]]

===[[:Category:Category HowTos|HowTos]]===

*[[Feature Specific HOWTOs]]
*[[Logon scripting]]
*[[Samba & Windows Profiles]]
*[[Samba and Windows Policies]]
*[[Software deployment on Samba]]
*[[Mounting samba shares from a unix client]]
*[[Capture Packets]]
*[[Bug Reporting]]

===[[:Category:Category Installation|Installation]]===

*[[Distribution Specific Pages]]

===[[:Category:Category Integration|Integration]]===

*[[Exchange Server Alternatives]]
*[[Samba & LDAP]]
*[[Samba & Kerberos]]
*[[Samba & Active Directory]]
*[[Samba & Clustering]]

===[[:Category:Category Tools|Tools]]===

*[[Account Management Tools]]
*[[Migration Tools]]

===[[:Category:Category Links to Pages in other Languages|Links to Pages in other Languages]]===

*[[ SambaHK ]]

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