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  • Merge the Samba 4 and 3 registries
  • Port libgpo to use the Samba 4 registry library for PReg in gpo_reg.c
  • Python bindings
  • Port samba 3 libgpo tools (net gpo) to samba 4
  • Merge libgpo with libpolicy (except for .adm(x) support)
  • Make a load_gpo function which looks up relevant group policies for the user from LDAP and patches the local samba registry.


  • Needed functions:
    • Create GPT
      • Create empty tree in sysvol
      • Generate GPT.INI
    • Create GPO
      • create group policy container
    • Apply group policy to DN
    • Open policy
    • Set policy setting
    • List policy settings
  • Python bindings
  • Create utility:
    • Finish ADM parser
    • Utility must load a local registry context which it patches, edits and exports.