Keytab Extraction

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Once you have captured packets you can use Wireshark to analyze them in many case decryption of traffic is needed in order to analyze correctly an exchange.

How to Extract a keytab containing your domain's passwords

There are two ways to obtain a keytab from an Active Directory Domain with Samba:

Using Samba4

To use samba4, it needs to be a domain controller for your domain. If it's not already the case check how to join Samba4 as domain controller.

Then, to extract the keytab run

samba-tool export keytab PATH_TO_KEYTAB

It will write out a keytab in PATH_TO_KEYTAB containing the current keys for every host and user.

Using Samba3

To dump a keytab, join the domain and then run:

net rpc vampire keytab /path/to/keytab/file

Note that the path to the keytab file needs to be an absolute path.