Generating Keytabs

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Active directory requires Kerberos service principal names to be mapped to a user account before a keytab can be generated.

You can add SPN names to a user with samba-tool, this is provided with your samba 4 installation.

samba-tool spn add host/fdqn@KerberosRealm <sAMAccount name> 

This should return without error.

Once the SPN is added, you can then generate a keytab for the user with samba-tool, by running the following:

samba-tool domain exportkeytab  <name>.keytab  --principal=<sAMAccount name>

This should then produce a keytab for the principal <sAMAccount name> and this can then be copied to your target machine or service.

Note: replace <sAMAccount name> with a valid user name and <name> with whatever you what the keytab to be called. This can also include a path to where you want the keytab to be created.