GPO Backup and Restore

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Added in Samba version: 4.10

<What does the feature do, Why might users care about it, What is the Microsoft-equivalent that a Windows admin might be familiar with, etc>

How to configure it

<Just reference the relevant samba-tool/smb.conf options (your man-page/help documentation should already be clear enough)>

Known issues and limitations

<Any outstanding bugs, configurations not supported, etc>


<What debug level do you need to run to see messages of interest. Are there any other ways to verify the feature is doing what it should>

For Developers

How to test it

make test TESTS=samba_tool.gpo

<Anything else notable about running the tests...>

Where the code is located

The core parsing logic for GPO is in the python gp_parse module.

The outer logic lives in netcmd/ (where the actual regex matching used to identify which parser is used) and the tests are all in the samba_tool tests.

Note: The parser for PReg .pol files is auto-generated from IDL.

Reference Docs

[MS-GPOD] and [MS-GPOD] describe an overview of how the overall Group Policy system works. Individual references to which file formats correspond to which parsers lives in the comments of each parser class in gp_parse.