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  • What are tdb files?
    Answered by Jerry Carter on [1] Samba uses a lightweight database called Trivial Database (tdb). Here's the list (john, we should really document this somewhere). session information (e.g. support for 'utmp = yes')
    (*) information persistent across restarts (but not necessarily important to backup).
    account_policy.tdb*NT account policy settings such as pw expiration, etc...
    brlock.tdbbyte range locks
    browse.datbrowse lists
    connections.tdbshare connections (used to enforce max connections, etc...)
    gencache.tdbgeneric caching db
    group_mapping.tdb*group mapping information
    lang_en.tdbLanguage encodings (i think).
    locking.tdbshare modes & oplocks
    login_cache.tdb*bad pw attempts
    messages.tdbSamba messaging system
    netsamlogon_cache.tdb*cache of user net_info_3 struct from net_samlogon() request (as a domain member)
    ntdrivers.tdb*installed printer drivers
    ntforms.tdb*installed printer forms
    ntprinters.tdb*installed printer information
    printing/directory containing tdb per print queue of cached lpq output
    registry.tdbWindows registry skeleton (connect via regedit.exe)
    share_info.tdb*share acls
    unexpected.tdbunexpected packet queue needed to support windows clients that respond on a difference port that the originating request) (i could be wrong on this one).
    winbindd_cache.tdbwinbindd's cache of user lists, etc...
    winbindd_idmap.tdb*winbindd's local idmap db
    wins.dat*wins database when 'wins support = yes'

    The following tdb's should be backed up IMO:
      nt*.tdb   account_policy.tdb   group_mapping.tdb   share_info.tdb

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