Feature/OneFS VFS Module

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The OneFS VFS module provides support for the advanced features of the OneFS file system via the Samba 3 VFS interface.


Component Description Developer Status
NTFS ACLs Use OneFS provides NTFS style ACLs sdanneman Completed
CreateFile() Refactor general open() path. Add SMB_VFS_CREATE_FILE(). tprouty Completed
ADS Route alternate data stream open operations through SMB_VFS_CREATE_FILE() tprouty Completed
readdirplus Implement bulk directory enumeration under the POSIX style readdir/seekdir VFS API. sdanneman Completed
recvfile Call OneFS recvfile implementation. tprouty Completed
sendfile Add support for OneFS atomic sendfile implementation. tprouty Completed
oplocks Add support for kernel level II oplocks. Call into OneFS kernel oplock implementation. tprouty Completed
BRL Add VFS interface for BRL calls. Call into OneFS's Windows semantics byte range locking API. zkirsch Completed
change notify Use OneFS kernel file notification events. sdanneman Completed
snapshots Add module for shadow copy services. tprouty Completed