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= Research =
= Research =
== General ==
== General/FreeDCE ==
=== EPM Server ===
=== EPM Server ===

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EPM Server


The endpoint mapper loads or creates a database (file). With the information it creates a in-memory structure. Then it starts a ping service to detect if an rpc service is alive. The ping services modifies the in-memory structure and the file database if one of the services died.

Insert and Delete

These function check if the entry handle is allowed to insert or delete a rpc service. Else it would be possible for unprivileged user to add or remove services.


Map and Lookup

RPC Server

The rpc services are using rpc_ep_register or rpc_ep_register_no_replace to tell the endpoint mapper that they are up an running now. On shutdown rpc_ep_unregister is called to remove the entry from the enpoint mapper.


rpc_ep_register is calling the rpc client function dceprc_epm_insert.